Lincoln Project

Lincoln Project founder: Fly landing on Pence was 'mark of the devil'

"That's a sign all through history of sin, and historically, biblically... He who commands the fly has historically been seen the mark of the devil," explained Schmidt before a cackling MSNBC anchor.

Noah David Alter

BUSTED: The Lincoln Project fabricates racist Trump supporter

The Lincoln Project falsely claimed on Monday that a Trump supporter called former President Barack Obama a "monkey."

Mia Cathell

BUSTED: The Lincoln Project steals tweets from little-known Twitter accounts

The Lincoln Project is stealing content directly from small progressive Twitter accounts and passing other people's posts off as their own.

Mia Cathell

Reddit troll dupes Lincoln Project into believing Ben Shapiro set up an Antifa website

Infamous leftist troll Adam Rahuba created a fake Antifa recruitment site, inserting Ben Shapiro's name and Daily Wire email address into the source code and framing him as the creator. The Never-Trump group Project Lincoln then amplified the hoax on Twitter.

Mia Cathell

USA Today walks back claim that Trump campaign used 'Nazi' eagle symbol on t-shirt

The campaign website for President Donald Trump came under fire for unveiling a T-shirt purported to share similarities with the Reichsadler symbol, or imperial eagle, used by the Nazis.

Collin Jones