Lindsay Shepherd

VICTORY FOR FREE SPEECH: Gender talk held in Vancouver despite threats of violence

The free speech event featuring radical feminist Meghan Murphy, Jon Kay, Anna Slatz, and Lindsay Shepherd was preceded by controversy.

Rebecca Christiansen

Free speech event finds new venue after SFU cancels at last minute

Vancouver feminist Meghan Murphy, Quillette Canadian editor Jonathan Kay, The Post Millennial writer Anna Slatz, free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd were set…

Barrett Wilson

Free speech event at SFU in jeopardy after threats of violence

We’re not going to shut down an event every time someone threatens us. Threats are par for the course. As far as we’re concerned, the event will go on.”

Rebecca Christiansen and Barrett Wilson

Twitter permanently silences Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd

One of Canada’s most outspoken free speech advocates, Lindsay Shepherd, has been suspended from Twitter. The suspension comes after and jousting match with a notorious trans woman named JY who has been accused of predatory behaviour toward children and frivolous human rights complaints.

Barrett Wilson