Average COVID patient now interacting with thirty people before being diagnosed, says Ontario doctor

Dr. Lawrence Loh, the head of public health in Peel Region, mentioned his concern over a huge jump in the amount of contacts on average each person testing positive for the coronavirus has had.

James Anthony

WATCH: Christians in Idaho arrested for singing hymns without 'social distancing'

Attendees of Moscow, Idaho's Christ Church were arrested after their "psalm sing" in the city hall parking lot for violation of the town's mask and social distancing order.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

New study shows kids are more at risk due to restrictions than from COVID-19

Much of the public suspected that children have been rarely affected by COVID-19 directly. Lockdown has adversely affected these kids' mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Nicole Russell

SURVEY: 83 percent of respondents say Canadian governments should mandate face masks

An online survey by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies shows that 83 percent of respondents feel governments should order people to wear a mask in all indoor spaces.

Joe Vaughan

Canada is suffering from collective germophobia

Data published by governments around the world shows that COVID-19 threatens elderly people who are already very sick. COVID-19 poses virtually no threat to children, youth, or healthy adults under 60.

John Carpay

Music legend Van Morrison to release three new anti-lockdown 'protest' songs

Van Morrison makes no bones about his vehement opposition to the lockdown measures in place right now in the UK and elsewhere, and has enshrined his sentiments in three new songs.

James Anthony

Saskatchewan's lockdown restrictions found to violate the Charter

"While lockdown measures were presumably imposed with the good intention of saving lives, good intentions do not meet the Charter's test of demonstrable justification," the legal analysis said.

Jonathan Bradley

Seventy-five percent of Canadians support a second lockdown if COVID-19 cases continue to rise, says poll

New polling from Ipsos suggests that most Canadians would be supportive of another widespread shut down if a second wave of the coronavirus manifested.

Collin Jones

UPDATE: No evidence that Nashville city officials suppressed real pandemic data to extend lockdown

Emails have been leaked between the mayor’s office and the local Department of Health in the city of Nashville revealing that they wanted to conceal the number of coronavirus cases from bars and restaurants.

James Anthony

Public health experts need to release their grip of fear on Canadians

To date, politicians and health officials won't release statistics disclosing the full impact of their lockdown measures.

John Carpay

COVID-19 alarmist stood to profit from lockdown with his online learning company

Tomas Pueyo predicted that 10 million Americans could have died if political and community leaders did not drive people indoors. Pueyo is the VP for an online learning company.

Collin Jones

Seattle schools' incompetent reopening fails students and parents

Parents who enrolled their children in SPS are now finally conceding that they may have to pay for private school, tutoring, learning "pods" or other options.

Ari Hoffman

6-year-old boy among 5 shot at Brooklyn's banned J'Ouvert celebration

The early hours of Monday morning saw five people shot at a the West Indian J'Ouvert day in Brooklyn. The celebration had been banned by Mayor Bill de Blasio over COVID-19 concerns.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Salon owner receives death threats after Pelosi accuses her of a 'set-up'

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem posted a public invitation to Kious to relocate her business to a state that "respects Freedom and won't shut you down."

Libby Emmons

Australian police officer who signed warrant for pregnant 'anti-lockdown' mom had sexual relationship with informant lawyer

The police officer, who signed the search warrant to effectively arrest the pregnant Australian mother for a Facebook post allegedly organizing a lockdown protest, is the very same officer who used a lawyer as an informant on her own clients.

Sydney Watson and Mia Cathell