London, Ontario police are asking for help in finding missing teen

The London, ON police department are desperately searching for Soran Brown, aged 15 years, who disappeared overnight.

James Anthony

Conservative Ontario MP's family tied up in drug bust

A Conservative MP has had a family member arrested by the St. Thomas police in a drug bust.

Nico Johnson

Ontario kidnapping leads to the arrest of three adults and two minors

In London, Ontario, three adults and two youths have been arrested by London Police in connection with the kidnapping of a teenage boy on Tuesday evening.

Quinn Patrick

'Far-right' British protestor carried to safety by Black Lives Matter activist

Saturday was a long day of protest and violence in London, as thousands of British people took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd that happened in late May.

Collin Jones

Cathy Newman guest gives bizarre answer to question about Winston Churchill statue

A liberal leader of a "independent police advisory group" appeared on Cathy Newman's show and gave a strange response to the question of whether the Winston Churchill statue should be taken down.

Collin Jones

Counter-protesters step up to protect historical monuments against Antifa in London

Counter-protesters showed up in Whitehall, London on Saturday to push back against the violence and mayhem dished out by Antifa, and have been met with a heavy police presence.

Collin Jones

Protests permitted in Ontario despite pandemic protocols—everyone else told stay indoors

Local public health officials reported no new COVID-19 cases in London, Ontario. This while 10,000 people gathered in Victoria Park for protests over the weekend.

Collin Jones

Ontario man falls from high rise during encounter with London police

“At some point, the man was injured,” said police of the man who fell 15 floors. Police were called to the scene “in relation to a man in distress.”

Sam Edwards

Ontario teen shot and killed in high rise

A 16-year-old boy has been identified by London police as the victim of a shooting that took place in a high rise building on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

A staycation of coronaviral proportions

My children and I may be stuck in semi-permanent staycation mode, while their father holds down his job from a messy kitchen office, taking conference calls in the master bedroom.

Erin Perse

Ontario politician pushes to prioritize Remembrance Day

London – Shawn Lewis, Ward 2 Coun. brought forth a motion to move the annual London Santa Claus Parade at Tuesday’s Community and Protective Services.

Quinn Patrick

Raccoon takes bus in London, Ontario

A raccoon was spotted on a city bus in London, Ontario last night around 8 pm.

Quinn Patrick

London, Ontario has a Syphilis problem

Health officials have officially declared that London has a serious syphilis problem after rates skyrocketed since 2014.

Ali Taghva

Thirty-nine people found dead in back of transport truck east of London, England

On Wednesday, October 23, Essex Police discovered a transport truck containing the dead bodies of 39 people believed to be from Bulgaria. 38 have been identified as adults, while 1 was a teen. All 39 were pronounced dead on site.

Dylan Gibbons

Nine charged after a high school graduation party in London got out of hand

A news release from London Police has revealed that dozens of young people caused approximately $80,000 in damage during their festivities, much to the horror of the homeowner renting the house.

Dylan Gibbons