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His name was Cannon Hinnant—the establishment media doesn't think his life mattered

On Sunday, a man walked up to a five-year-old boy playing in his neighbourhood and executed him. This story made national headlines—but not in America’s most prominent news outlets.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Will Seattle's local media ever accurately report on riots and chaos in embattled city?

The failed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle could be viewed as a cautionary tale, but local Seattle media outlets and politicians still have their heads in the sand.

Ari Hoffman

MSNBC producer resigns, claiming network forces skilled journalists to make 'bad decisions'

Ariana Pekary, who worked as a producer at MSNBC, wrote a revealing resignation letter on Monday where she claims that "producers deny their role as journalists."

James Anthony

Why are liberal media outlets completely ignoring Epstein revelations involving Bill Clinton?

Left-wing media has failed to cover the Jeffrey Epstein court documents, alleging former President Bill Clinton of visiting the deceased child sex trafficker's "pedophile island" with two young girls present.

Mia Cathell

How the media uses trans people to fearmonger

There are, however, far more examples of completely fake "anti-trans" policies that have supposedly taken place in the last four years.

Blaire White

Conservative newspapers must not succumb to cancel culture

Can conservative newspapers withstand the cancel-culture ethos in which many of their millennial and Gen Z ranks were molded?

Barbara Kay

CNN says that cervical cancer screening is for 'individuals with a cervix,' but prostate cancer screening is for 'men'

In a recent report from CNN on the new guidelines for cervical cancer screening, the word "woman" is not once mentioned. Neither are the words "female," "vagina," or "uterus."

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Protestors gather in Toronto to raise awareness about child sex trafficking

Activists marched outside Toronto City Hall to "Rise Up For Children" and raise awareness about child sex trafficking today on the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Mia Cathell and Beth Baisch

Sports Illustrated eager to please wokesters by featuring transwoman in swimsuit issue

By putting a transgender model in this issue, Sports Illustrated embraces political correctness, shuns femininity, and is an attack on women.

Nicole Russell

Was The New York Times about to dox Tucker Carlson? Of course they were

Tucker Carlson revealed last night that The New York Times was about to dox him and his family—again. The politics of personal destruction is the new M.O. of NYT.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Ethical journalism suffers under the yoke of progressive ideology

It’s anyone's guess what losing ethical journalism will do to us as the mainstream media continues to push big tech to destroy heterodox outlets.

Peter Pischke

NBC tries and fails to get The Federalist banned from Google

Collaboration between NBC and a foreign entity intent on taking down media platforms with which it disagrees does not speak highly of their journalistic practices.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Media claims of Trump overturning trans protections in healthcare are unfounded

Trump didn't roll back healthcare protections for transgender people, because something that has never been enacted into law can't be reversed.

Chad Felix Greene

A 'colour revolution' is coming for the US with aims to topple the world's only superpower

What is happening to the dismayed and hapless liberals across America are the fruits of their own trees they planted.

Sumantra Maitra

Editor of Bon Appetit magazine resigns after staff turns on him over brown face photos

The editor of Bon Appetit magazine, has resigned today after almost 10 years of holding its editor-in-chief position over accusations of racial insensitivity.

Quinn Patrick