BREAKING: Canadian premiers hold joint press conference requesting Trudeau govt increase healthcare funding by $28 BILLION

The Trudeau government's speech, which will lay out the Liberal Party's legislative agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Two 18-year-olds killed by tornado near Virden, Manitoba

The tornado caused major damage, generating winds powerful enough to throw vehicles. One 54-year-old man was also injured and is considered in stable condition.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Winnipeg restaurant targeted by province and fined for patrons 'dancing at tables'

A restaurant in Winnipeg has become the favourite target of the local government, that seeks to punish it through the enforcement of draconian rules—including fining it after some of its patrons danced at their table.

Ian Miles Cheong

Conservative premier calls for phasing out of CERB

Pallister said that while the CERB was a necessary step in the fight against the virus, he argued that it is no longer essential as the province "plans for growth."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

14-year-old male charged in connection with four Winnipeg shootings

A 14-year-old male has been charged with first degree murder following a shooting in Winnipeg that killed a 27-year0old woman on Canada Day.

Quinn Patrick

Winnipeg man shot, hit by car on Canada Day

A man was shot and then hit by a car early Wednesday morning, on Canada Day in Winnipeg, police are now investigating what happened.

Quinn Patrick

Queen Victoria statue vandalized at Manitoba Legislature

Graffiti control workers were working to clean up the statue on Wednesday morning after someone covered it in white paint.

Sam Edwards

Terminally ill Winnipeg cancer patient denied visits from family

As with many families throughout Manitoba, Francisco-Critica has been unable to see her 80-year-old father in the hospital due to coronavirus restrictions.

Collin Jones

Naked Winnipeg man steals ambulance, crashes it into building

A naked man in Winnipeg stole an ambulance from the medical personnel who were trying to help him and then crashed it into the wall of a Cultural Centre.

Quinn Patrick

Manitoba First Nations will go ahead with annual powwow

A First Nations Chief in Manitoba says they will go ahead with their annual powwow despite the province's public health orders to limit the size of gatherings.

Quinn Patrick

Manitoba introduces new measures to lift province out of lockdown

Brian Pallister has announced a new wave of measures intended to lift the provinces lockdown, creating a blueprint for other provinces to follow.

Nico Johnson

RCMP charge eight travellers for breaking non-essential travel order in Manitoba

Over the long weekend, there were eight people charged for breaking public health orders in Manitoba.

Sam Edwards

One new case of coronavirus in Manitoba after six days without

The province of Manitoba announced its first new case of the COVID-19 coronavirus on Monday, after going six consecutive days without one.

Quinn Patrick

Manitoba construction worker dies after hours of being trapped in collapsed trench

A Manitoban construction worker died on Wednesday after the walls of the trench he was digging caved in on him. The worksite was close to Oakbank, Manitoba.

Quinn Patrick

'Unprovoked' Winnipeg hammer attack hospitalizes two men

Winnipeg Police say a man started his attack near the Millennium Library at around 3:10 pm in what is currently believed to be an uprovoked incident on random civilians.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz