Trudeau government gives economic relief to booming marijuana business

Statistics Canada reported that the Cannabis industry saw sales increase from $86 million to $186 million, an increase of 116 percent.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Peter MacKay flip-flops on marijuana stance, says he won’t rescind legalization

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay has issued a clarification over a previous statement which seemed to suggest that he would repeal marijuana.

Nico Johnson

Peter MacKay claims that legalizing marijuana was a mistake

Peter MacKay, is not a fan of the legalization of marijuana. He says he is worried about how it will affect driving, mental health and young people.

Sam Edwards

Starting Wednesday Quebecers under 21 won’t be able to buy legal cannabis

Get ready Quebecers under 21, the over-priced, under-stocked legal provider of cannabis in the province will no longer be allowed to sell to you!

Ali Taghva

Cannabis edibles for sale by Christmas in most Canadian Provinces

Edibles will be ready for sale by Christmas in most Canadian provinces

Sam Edwards

Canada’s legal market sells outdoor weed for 28 times cost of production

At $7 dollars per gram, the outdoor-grown product remains far more expensive than illegally grown marijuana which has continuously dropped in price since legalization.

Ali Taghva

Canopy Growth and Drake team up on new cannabis venture

Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana, is teaming up with Toronto-based rapper and recently-named artist of the decade Drake.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

TOO MUCH WEED: Government has over 30 times more marijuana than it’s able to sell

Canada is sitting on massive stashes of marijuana inventory that many analysts believe could cause massive price crashes in the industry.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Quebec man given one year jail time after speeding with 180 pounds of pot

The arrest of the two men are part of an ongoing investigation by U.S. police of organized movement of cannabis from Canada to large cities on the U.S. east coast.

Russell Leib

Albertans have purchased more legal marijuana than any other province

New data from Statistics Canada shows that Albertans spend big money on legal marijuana—so much so that they’re the number one province in marijuana sales.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Pardons for simple marijuana possession coming soon for 250,000 Canadians

The Trudeau government has finally introduced a bill which allows Canadians to receive free no-wait pardons for previous simple possession or cannabis charges.

Ali Taghva

Canada’s marijuana laws are all about Trudeau’s hipster legacy

Justin Trudeau was more interested in his hipster legacy than marijuana’s fine scientific details.

Barbara Kay

Marijuana edibles may be available before Christmas 2019

Marijuana edibles are expected to made legal for sale in Canada by mid-December 2019,

Yanky Pollak

Another government-owned cannabis retailer posts massive losses

Well folks, it turns out that it can be possible to lose money selling drugs.

Ali Taghva