Feminism is not an inclusive human rights movement but a partisan exercise in exclusion

At the moment, men's rights activists are using the feminist playbook, weaponizing suffering as means to a political end, and doing very little to ameliorate suffering.

Paula Wright

WATCH: Football hero Herschel Walker slams BLM as anti-American, anti-Christian organization

Storied sports legend Herschel Walker has just released another video in which he delivers a scathing criticism of professional sports these days for their involvement with the Black Lives Matter movement.

James Anthony

BLM is founded in Marxist ideology

Politicians who are supporting the BLM movement fail to realize they are supporting the very groups who seek to overthrow them.

Ari Hoffman

Democrats are so far left as to be unrecognizable as the party they once were

It is vital that the Democratic Caucus regain a handle on their members. The United States cannot sustain a farther lurch and radicalization of certain elements of the left.

Alexander Jackson Maier

The next step in the culture war is the assault on the traditional family

The idea is that having family, growing up with two parents, is privileged, and that this creates inequity. Any inequity must be crushed.

Sumantra Maitra

City of Seattle officials are dismantling property rights of landlords

Seattle city officials have passed a bill that forces landlords to keep bad tenants over the winter months, causing major problems for housing in the city.

Ari Hoffman