Mass Shooting

Mass shooting injures 15 people during funeral on Chicago's South Side

Fifteen people were injured after a mass shooting broke out outside a funeral home on Chicago's South Side

Collin Jones

Tip warned that Nova Scotia shooter wanted to 'kill a cop' nine years ago

Police agencies throughout Nova Scotia received a warning in May 2011 that a man named Gabriel Wortman had a collection of guns and planned “to kill a cop."

Sam Edwards

RCMP say NS shooter had authentic police uniform

RCMP in Nova Scotia say the mass shooter had various authentic police uniforms and are unsure how he acquired them.

Sam Edwards

RCMP releases timeline of the shooter's path through Nova Scotia

A timeline is being provided by RCMP showing the route taken by the NS shooter showing over 12 hours of travel beginning Saturday and ending Sunday morning.

Sam Edwards

Queen Elizabeth II sends sympathies to Nova Scotia

Queen Elizabeth II wrote a message of condolence regarding the Nova Scotia shooting, the largest mass shooting in Canadian history.

Quinn Patrick

Family who were neighbours with Nova Scotia shooter confirmed dead

A family of three were among the victims of a senseless murder by a mass shooter in Nova Scotia, showing the sheer tragedy of Sunday's events.

Nico Johnson

Death toll rises to 19 in worst mass shooting in Canadian history

At least 19 people have died in a mass shooting in Nova Scotia, including a veteran RCMP officer. The shooting is the worst in Canadian history.

Sam Edwards

Mass shooter in Berlin believed to be far-right extremist

Nine people were shot and killed in Germany on Wednesday after a gunman opened fire at two separate shisha barsm police have since identified the gunman.

Quinn Patrick