McDonald's $1 ice cream cones and soft drinks return for summertime

McDonald's is bringing back their summertime promotion of $1 dollar and $2 dollar ice cream deals and Canadians are rejoicing.

Quinn Patrick

McDonald's suggests franchisees downsize, offers $40 million in aid

McDonald's Corp. estimates that tens of millions of dollars will be required in order to aid franchisees, and has warned that some may need to downsize.

Collin Jones

McDonald's issues apology after restaurant bans black people in China

McDonald’s has issued an apology after a sign in one of its restaurants in southern China said that black people were banned from entering.

Sam Edwards

McDonald’s deletes popular menu items due to coronavirus

McDonald’s today has further limited its dining options for Canadians as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

An employee of a Windsor McDonald's tests positive for coronavirus

An employee at a McDonald's in Windsor, Ont. recently notified the local restaurant that they have tested positive for coronavirus.

Quinn Patrick

Woman fakes having coronavirus to get out of McDonald's shift, gets arrested

Ever wanted to get out of work so bad that you faked having a virus in the middle of a global pandemic? One McDonald's employee did just that.

Quinn Patrick

McDonald's all-day breakfast menu latest casualty of coronavirus

McDonald’s has decided to drop its all-day breakfast menu in order to simplify operations as the coronavirus pandemic causes difficulties for the business.

Sam Edwards