WATCH: White House Press Secretary SLAMS media for failing to cover historic Middle East peace deals

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, had very strong words for the mainstream media today, regarding the fact that they almost completely ignored historic peace deals signed yesterday.

James Anthony

Tucker Carlson releases tape of CNN's Chris Cuomo revealing he's been accused of sexual harassment

Cuomo said that "the media is not your friend." He then goes to talk about people accusing him of sexual harassment.

James Anthony

Trudeau government allowed liberal journalists to award government cash to themselves

In 2019, the Department of Canadian Heritage created the Local Journalism Initiative. This is a 50 million dollar five-year subsidy given to publishers for the hiring of new staff.

Joe Vaughan

BREAKING: James Murdoch leaves News Corp over disagreements regarding 'editorial content'

James Murdoch, brother of Fox News head Lachlan Murdoch, is leaving the network, citing disagreements over editorial content.

Barrett Wilson

The demise of The New York Times and the decline of truth

Weiss and her contribution will be forgotten and she will be replaced by someone who doesn’t question and who knows better than to have an independent thought.

Libby Emmons

The Globe and Mail asks Trudeau government for more bailout money

The Globe and Mail asked the government for more federal aid yesterday following significant revenue losses.

Sam Edwards

'Hot mic' video of NYT journalist at the White House saying 'We’ve all been vaccinated around here' goes viral

A "hot mic" video showing Fox News’ John Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills talking about the coronavirus pandemic in the White House briefing room has gone viral online.

Barrett Wilson

Media warnings over hydroxychloroquine are about hating Trump, not saving lives

This rhetorical battle over hydroxychloroquine is not about drug efficacy, but about the ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome that has plagued so many in our mainstream media.

Libby Emmons

Toronto Star fires 85 workers, while execs still rake in $760,000

TorStar expects to be granted a 75% wage subsidy from the government after laying off 85 staff.

Nico Johnson

Five Toronto Star executives make 70 percent of projected media bailout money

Despite the need for a bailout and mounting losses, Canadian media companies continued to pay top executives at high salaries. The folly of that methodology is now clear.

Libby Emmons

Canada loses a vital voice in media as CJN shuts down

We hope that somehow a third act is in store for the CJN when Canadian life returns to the new normal, whatever that may look like.

Barbara Kay

CNN lost the trust of Americans when it refused to air the President live

CNN offered a protest in refusing to air Trump's press conference live, betraying both the public and journalistic integrity.

Chad Felix Greene