Media Bailout

MEDIA BAILOUT: Trudeau gov't subsidizes over a third of profits for Free Press-owned papers

Free Press—owned by FP Newspaper Inc.—owns several papers in Manitoba, including the Brando Sun. the Carillon, and the Carberry News Express.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government allowed liberal journalists to award government cash to themselves

In 2019, the Department of Canadian Heritage created the Local Journalism Initiative. This is a 50 million dollar five-year subsidy given to publishers for the hiring of new staff.

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau's $600 MILLION media bailout advisors attacked Conservatives, praised Liberals

Two advisors who are helping the government administer its $600 million media bailout have attacked Stephen Harper and expressed support for Justin Trudeau.

Nico Johnson

Unifor President calls for FASTER media bailout funding from Trudeau government

Unifor, a union which represents over 12,000 media workers Canada-wide, was chosen to select which news outlets would be worthy of receiving government cash earlier last year.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Toronto Star fires 85 workers, while execs still rake in $760,000

TorStar expects to be granted a 75% wage subsidy from the government after laying off 85 staff.

Nico Johnson

Five Toronto Star executives make 70 percent of projected media bailout money

Despite the need for a bailout and mounting losses, Canadian media companies continued to pay top executives at high salaries. The folly of that methodology is now clear.

Libby Emmons

Trudeau government pays media to write climate change articles

The Department of Canadian heritage is paying news outlets to write stories on climate change through taxpayer-funed subsidies, which are in the millions.

Nico Johnson

Toronto Star parent company’s stock plummeting

TorStar, the company that owns the newspaper the Toronto Star, has seen its stock plummet to historic lows this week.

Nico Johnson

Media bailout memo to Liberal minister completely redacted by government

A journalist tried to get a government memo discussing the $600 million media bailout, all 27 pages were blocked by the government.

Graeme Gordon