Media Bias

CNN lies about anti-conservative bias in big tech

CNN claimed that the "right-wing offensive is underway to discredit social media companies just days before the election" is baseless. And their lies don't stop there.

Libby Emmons

Washington Post suggests COVID vaccine is deadly with misleading headline

The subject, a 28-year old man from Rio de Janeiro, died after not receiving the vaccine—instead having received a placebo as a part of a control group.

Leonardo Briceno

Media portrays crimes against trans woman as ‘transphobic’ despite evidence to the contrary

LGBTQ Nation reported that, police cracked jokes about a transgender hate crime victim as she bled on the floor. But in fact, it wasn't a hate crime, it was just a regular, awful crime.

Chad Felix Greene

BREAKING: Twitter joins Facebook in suppressing NY Post's Biden bombshell

Twitter is censoring the New York Post's bombshell report about Hunter Biden, labeling the article "potentially harmful."

Libby Emmons

Media fuels feelings of isolation and anger among LGBT youth

Both surveys reflect the power of the media to influence the feelings of those most impressionable to highly emotional and carefully manufactured propaganda.

Chad Felix Greene

USA Today runs poll on who won the vice-presidential debates, leaves out Pence as an option

USA Today generated a poll on their Twitter account with four options for who people think won the vice-presidential debate. The options left current Vice-President Michael Pence out entirely.

James Anthony