Meghan Murphy

Big tech censors women who advocate for their right to exist

Reddit seems to want to banish women from the public square of political discussion to which even men with the most horrifying and illegal interests are considered entitled.

Erin Perse

Labour union tries to shut down feminist speaker

Gender critical feminist Meghan Murphy is being held responsible for the effects of the threats against her by the local labour union in Vancouver.

Libby Emmons

The New York Public Library cancelled a panel on cancelled women

The event is going ahead, and if you’re in New York tonight you should come check it out, but you’ll have to reserve a ticket to find out where.

Libby Emmons

Our freedoms are under assault by social justice mobs

Future historians may decry our times as the turning point when Lady Liberty laid down her torch and gave up the fight.

Lisa Bildy

WATCH: ‘Anti-bigotry’ activist was super racist outside Meghan Murphy event

“Is that your mail-order bride?” Jabbour is seen repeatedly pointing at the Asian partner of the attendee, before asking “How much? How much did you pay?”

Anna Slatz

VICTORY FOR FREE SPEECH: Gender talk held in Vancouver despite threats of violence

The free speech event featuring radical feminist Meghan Murphy, Jon Kay, Anna Slatz, and Lindsay Shepherd was preceded by controversy.

Rebecca Christiansen

Free speech event finds new venue after SFU cancels at last minute

Vancouver feminist Meghan Murphy, Quillette Canadian editor Jonathan Kay, The Post Millennial writer Anna Slatz, free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd were set…

Barrett Wilson

Free speech event at SFU in jeopardy after threats of violence

We’re not going to shut down an event every time someone threatens us. Threats are par for the course. As far as we’re concerned, the event will go on.”

Rebecca Christiansen and Barrett Wilson

Toronto City Council votes to review library rental policies following Meghan Murphy event

Toronto Councillors voted to review policies surrounding community space use following Murphy’s event.

Dylan Gibbons

Protests and controversy brew ahead of Vancouver Meghan Murphy talk

Murphy will join Jonathan Kay and Anna Slatz to discuss the ways media bias affects the public discourse on gender identity issues

Rebecca Christiansen

Meghan Murphy greeted by hundreds of protesters in Toronto

Meghan Murphy spoke to a sold out audience at a Toronto public library. It was hard to understand what all the fuss was about.

Diana Davison

Drag queens, Fay and Fluffy, cut ties with Toronto Library over Murphy talk

The drag queen readers from “Fay and Fluffy’s Storytime” have ended their relationship with the Toronto Library. This comes after the Toronto Library permitted feminist Megan Murphy to speak, despite accusations of transphobia.

Nico Johnson

Why are Toronto Pride and the mayor speaking out against free speech?

The Toronto Mayor said that he was “disappointed” in the Toronto Library for booking a feminist author. Toronto Pride and the mayor are against free speech.

Barrett Wilson

Writers protest free speech at Toronto Library

Free speech should never be conditional. Disagreement is not violence. Why do we keep having to say this to writers, academics, and intellectuals?

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson