Trump trolls Twitter and media with meme of Joe Biden playing 'F*ck tha Police' on his cell phone

This led Twitter to flag it as "manipulated media" and countless mainstream media sources to lose their minds by publishing breathless pieces about Trump and the meme.

Barrett Wilson

BUSTED: The Lincoln Project steals tweets from little-known Twitter accounts

The Lincoln Project is stealing content directly from small progressive Twitter accounts and passing other people's posts off as their own.

Mia Cathell

Parents of toddlers featured in popular Trump meme plan to sue its creator, Carpe Donktum

The parents of two toddlers featured in a widely popular meme in support of President Trump plan to sue the meme-maker, Carpe Donktum, after the meme was censored by both Facebook and Twitter.

Barrett Wilson

Disgraced Trudeau advisor posts then deletes racist and sexist meme

Butts' Twitter track record has been one of major blemishes and missteps. In May of 2020, Butts criticized The Post Millennial for what he believed to be false reporting.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

EPIC: Trump's error page on his website features Joe Biden looking lost

The presidential candidate has come under some scrutiny as compilations of gaffs continue to weigh the now-77-year-old Biden down.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Now Justin Trudeau is asking children to tweet at him so he can help with their homework

After becoming a creepy meme with his message to Canada's children yesterday, our prime minister has decided to double down on addressing the nation's children by doing it again.

Barrett Wilson

Anti-Joe Biden memes go viral after Twitter suspends popular conservative account

Twitter suspended popular conservative Twitter personality @ALX after he posted a meme mocking Joe Biden. It was an action that prompted his followers to make similar memes in protest.

Ian Miles Cheong

MEME POLICE: Twitter announces crackdown on memes

Twitter has announced its latest effort: cracking down on “manipulated photos or videos that can cause people harm.” The platform will be tackling memes.

Ian Miles Cheong