Michelle Rempel

Rempel Garner blasts Trudeau Liberals over 'outrageous cover-up tactics' for refusal to release COVID-19 documents

"Liberal MPs will have a choice to make, between covering up the truth, or being transparent with Canadians," said Rempel Garner.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Unhinged Twitter users falsely claim Conservative MP made 'white power' OK sign

Michelle Rempel Garner got caught making the "OK" sign, which is just not okay anymore, according to leftists who see racism everywhere.

Libby Emmons

Conservatives push to ban Chinese companies from buying key Canadian businesses

Industry Committee pledged yesterday to review rules relating to the sale of Canadian energy companies.

Nico Johnson

SHAMEFUL: Trudeau's heritage minister can't define Western Canadian heritage

Members of Parliament were horrified with Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault on Monday night when he failed to define what Western heritage was.

Barrett Wilson

Conservative MP launches petition against Trudeau's gun 'confiscation regime'

In the petition, 12 points are outlined, all attacking the credibility of Trudeau's gun ban.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Four Albertan MPs claim Alberta is treated like a colony, sign Buffalo Declaration

A group of four Albertan Members of Parliment have signed the Buffalo Declaration, which demands a series of reforms to the constitutional arrangement.

Nico Johnson

Beware of a demoralized Conservative base in Canada

The base of the Conservative Party of Canada needs to have a leader that will represents them, otherwise the party could fracture.

Spencer Fernando

Michelle Rempel considering Conservative leadership bid, cites Western alienation

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has not ruled out running in the Conservative leadership race. Rempel cited Western alienation and under-representation as her main reasons for running.

Nico Johnson

O’Toole condemns Iran for killing 63 Canadians, Conservatives react

Several Conservative Party figures have reacted online to the news that Canadian Flight 752 was downed by an Iranian missile.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

O’Toole? Ambrose? MacKay? Who will lead the Conservative Party of Canada

Real-world experience, effective communication skills and retail politics chops are all must-have qualities for any new Conservative leader.

Jason Unrau