Mike Pence

Deadline runs story that Vice President Pence has coronavirus, then deletes it

Hollywood News outlet Deadline apologized to readers on Thursday evening after accidentally running a draft of a story that claimed that Vice President Mike Pence had tested positive for coronavirus.

Barrett Wilson

Lincoln Project founder: Fly landing on Pence was 'mark of the devil'

"That's a sign all through history of sin, and historically, biblically... He who commands the fly has historically been seen the mark of the devil," explained Schmidt before a cackling MSNBC anchor.

Noah David Alter

USA Today runs poll on who won the vice-presidential debates, leaves out Pence as an option

USA Today generated a poll on their Twitter account with four options for who people think won the vice-presidential debate. The options left current Vice-President Michael Pence out entirely.

James Anthony

WATCH: Trump calls Kamala Harris a 'monster,' says everything she says is 'a lie'

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday night in an interview on Fox Business that everything vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris said in her debate with standing Vice President Michael Pence is a lie.

James Anthony

Pence's answers on China censored by CCP during vice-presidential debate

The Vice President's comments on Chinese-American relations were replaced by the words "NO SIGNAL PLEASE STAND BY."

Noah David Alter