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US demands closure of Chinese consulate in Houston, gives CCP three days vacate

The US has demanded that China close their consulate in Houston over intellectual privacy concerns, and has given them three days to do it.

Collin Jones

Amazon makes employees delete TikTok app for security reasons

The company notified its employees over email that they must delete the app from devices that “access Amazon email”, due to “security risks.”

Sam Edwards

US considers banning TikTok app over security threat

The TikTok app which has taken the world by storm may be getting banned in the U.S. as their government fears there is a potential security threat.

Quinn Patrick

US Secretary of State demands that China release two Canadian citizens

Mike Pompeo is demanding that Beijing release Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, calling China's charges against the Canadians "politically motivated."

Nico Johnson

UN deletes tweet supporting Antifa after public backlash

The United Nations deleted a tweet they posted to Twitter on Friday after receiving public backlash for defending Antifa's right to "freedom of expression" and "peaceful assembly."

Collin Jones

US Secretary of State certifies that Hong Kong no longer has autonomy from Beijing

Hong Kong is no longer an autonomous region per a certification from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before Congress today.

Libby Emmons

China proposes law to ban 'sedition, secession, and treason' in Hong Kong

A new law will be debated in China’s National People’s Congress this week that would introduce security measures in Hong Kong to ban sedition, secession, and treason.

Libby Emmons

Intelligence suggests China withheld data from the WHO in order to hoard medical supplies

US officials believe that much of China's coronavirus coverup was done as a means for the CCP to stock up on necessary medical supplies for their own virus fighting efforts.

Sam Edwards

Secretary of State urges Americans abroad to return home immediately

U.S. citizens who wish to return home have been urged to do so immediately, by Secretary Mike Pompeo, as flights will stop during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Quinn Patrick