600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested

The healthcare program Tricare at the United States Department of Defense Military Health System falsely told more than 600,000 people they had been infected with the novel coronavirus

Collin Jones

Royal Canadian Navy plans to replace 'seaman' with gender-neutral term

"What this will do is ensure a safe environment so there is no double entendre," Gates said. "We want to make sure our most junior members understand and feel safe when they are being called their rank."

Sam Edwards

New report reveals that Schiff was briefed on Russian 'bounty' intelligence in February

The Federalist’s Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway have uncovered new evidence revealing that since February, Rep. Adam Schiff has known of the intelligence suggesting that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban.

Mia Cathell

Australia to acquire long-range missile capability

Morrison said that Australia intends to acquire long-range missiles and other military capabilities that would "deter" potential conflicts in the future.

Collin Jones

President Trump mobilizing US military to control rioting

Trump invoked a law dating back to 1807 on Monday, letting him send military forces to states hit hardest by riots and looting following George Floyd’s death

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Trudeau addresses serious allegations of mistreatment of residents in long-term care homes

Justin Trudeau made some emotional comments in a press conference today regarding allegations of mistreatment and mismanagement in Ontario's long-term care homes.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government cancelled replacement of 60-year-old Snowbird planes in 2018

The Snowbird plane that crashed in British Columbia on Sunday was 60-years-old and due to be replaced before Justin Trudeau cancelled the purchase.

Nico Johnson

SUPER DUPER MISSILES: Trump touts new hypersonic weapons

Opponents will no doubt flock to mockery, but come on, a super duper hypersonic missile, as the Defense Department confirmed, sounds like a worthy undertaking.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Military identifies the five crew members missing in deadly helicopter crash

The five missing members of the Canadian Armed Forces have been identified following the deadly crash of a CAF Cyclone helicopter on Wednesday.

Barrett Wilson

Cockpit voice recorder recovered from Canadian military helicopter crash, 5 people still missing

The helicopter crashed in the ocean west of the Greek mainland on Wednesday evening.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

First victim of CAF helicopter crash identified

A victim has been identified from the Canadian helicopter crash, a CH-148 Cyclone that disappeared over the Ionian Sea, according to CTV News.

Quinn Patrick

Canada's pandemic costs skyrocket with added military aid

Canada's lockdown has become increasingly expensive after it was revealed on Tuesday that military support is costing the taxpayer some $456 million.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Canadian military confirms search for helicopter after reports of crash

A CH-148 Cyclone took flight from a Canadian frigate and crashed in Greek waters 20 nautical miles from take off.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

EXCLUSIVE: Canadian Armed Forces requires all personnel to stop using gendered pronouns

In a new policy change, the Canadian Armed Forces will no longer be using gendered pronouns.

Libby Emmons and Nico Johnson

US Captain receives standing ovation from crew after Navy removes him from duty

U.S. Capt. Brett Crozier is being relieved from his duty on an aircraft carrier, after he raised alarm about the outbreak of COVID-19 aboard his boat.

Quinn Patrick