Minneapolis police to worried business owners: 'Reinforcements aren't coming any time soon'

"I think the only plan city leadership has is to further decimate its police department," said the Police Union President, Lt. Bob Kroll.

Angelo Isidorou

'George Floyd Autonomous Zone' blocked emergency response to brutal assault: police

Minneapolis claimed that an emergency vehicle’s entrance into the autonomous zone was badly delayed due to an improvised blockade.

James Anthony

17-year-old Republican volunteer shot and killed in Minneapolis

Two campaign staffers for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar's challenger, Lacy Johnson, were shot on Monday in Minneapolis. One, a 17-year-old, has died.

Collin Jones

After gutting police budget, Minneapolis city council complains about soaring crime

A mere three months after lobbying to "defund the police," several members of the Minneapolis City Council are reporting that residents are asking where the police have gone.

Nicole Russell

Bodycam footage shows George Floyd ingesting fatal amount of drugs, cop's lawyers claim

The defense attorney for the Minneapolis police officer who has been charged with the murder of George Floyd claims that Floyd was the "victim of a careless overdose" rather than homicide.

Collin Jones

Insurance payouts not enough to cover riot damage

Most insurance policy reimbursements hover between $25,000 and $50,000, but contractors have consistently been sending in bids that range from $200,000 to $300,000.

Collin Jones

Police officer injured by apparent looter in Minneapolis

A police officer on duty in Minneapolis was injured by an apparent looter after a few days of rioting as a result of a false report of a police shooting.

James Anthony

WATCH: Ann Dorn eloquently speaks truth to power about BLM violence

"Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest. They do not safeguard black lives. They only destroy them," Ann Dorn said.

Libby Emmons

Black Lives Matter protesters scream at home of Minneapolis police union president

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered on Saturday outside the home of Minneapolis Police Union Leader Bob Kroll, who faced controversy earlier this year when he promised to defend the jobs of police officers following the death of George Floyd.

Ian Miles Cheong

Bodycam footage of George Floyd's arrest released online

British newspaper the Daily Mail has published "leaked" police officers' bodycam videos of George Floyd's arrest and death.

Barrett Wilson

Crime skyrockets in Minneapolis as police publish letter offering advice on how to avoid getting robbed, carjacked

The Minneapolis police department has told residents of the 3rd Precinct how to protect themselves after reports of increasing crime—and it isn't calling the police.

Libby Emmons

Nightly violence rages at site of George Floyd's death

The site where George Floyd died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has become a hotbed of crime and violence, and a danger for local residents.

James Anthony

Federal government refuses to give $500m in disaster relief funds to Minnesota following riots

The federal government denied Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's request for federal funding to rebuild and repair damaged property following the death of George Floyd.

Collin Jones

Black fatalities rise in US cities after 'Defund the Police' movement surges

The movement to defund law enforcement across America has led to an alarming rise in violent crime in major US cities and an increase in deaths in the black community.

Mia Cathell

Minneapolis spends $63,000 on private security for city council members defunding the police

Minneapolis city council members who voted to dismantle and defund the city’s police department have been using taxpayer dollars to pay for private security.

Ian Miles Cheong