Federal government refuses to give $500m in disaster relief funds to Minnesota following riots

The federal government denied Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's request for federal funding to rebuild and repair damaged property following the death of George Floyd.

Collin Jones

Ilhan Omar calls for 'dismantling' America

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar held a press conference Wednesday in St. Paul demanding that the federal government take action against "institutional racism."

Collin Jones

Minneapolis spends $63,000 on private security for city council members defunding the police

Minneapolis city council members who voted to dismantle and defund the city’s police department have been using taxpayer dollars to pay for private security.

Ian Miles Cheong

Plan to defund police approved by Minneapolis City Council

After Minneapolis' mayor was booed out of a struggle session for refusing to defund the police department, City Council pledged their support to dismantle law enforcement in that city.

Collin Jones

STRUGGLE SESSION: Minneapolis mayor humiliated by protestors after refusing to defund police

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was booed out of a protest on Saturday for refusing to say that he would defund the police.

Collin Jones

Minnesota officials blame white supremacists for riots despite facts

Arrest records contradicted Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey's assertion that "white supremacists" and "out-of-state instigators" were behind recent riots.

Collin Jones

Ilhan Omar's daughter shows support on Twitter for antifa group organizing riots in Minneapolis

Elites like Isra Hirsi can stoke the flames of violence from the safety of their homes while encouraging the poor and disenfranchised to take to the streets by rioting.

Ian Miles Cheong

One dead as Minneapolis burns during riots over George Floyd's death

Protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis last night, looting and destroying infrastructure in response to the tragic death of George Floyd on Tuesday.

Collin Jones

Does Ilhan Omar hate America? Dalia al-Aqidi wants to know

Dalia al-Aquidi has taken an aggressive stand against her opponent Ilhan Omar's divisiveness.

Sofia Carbone