Deception and not bias is the basis for most murders of transwomen

An issue the LGBT left absolutely refuses to address is the danger both gay men and trans women face when engaging in deception during sexual encounters with straight men.

Chad Felix Greene Chad Felix Greene

Atlanta officer charged with felony murder in the death of Rayshard Brooks

An Atlanta police officer who was fired following the killing of Rayshard Brooks is facing 11 charges, including felony murder. This could bring the death penalty.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Accused Santa Cruz shooter was an Air Force sergeant who expressed anti-police sentiments before murder

The accused Santa Cruz killer Steven Carrillo was an Air Force sgt. who complained about about the police's use of force on Facebook.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

WATCH: Six-year-old boy and his mother almost shot in incident that killed Toronto rapper

A gunfight that killed Dimarjio Jenkings in Toronto has footage that reveals bullets fired nearly also hit a mother and her six-year-old son.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Two teens arrested for brutal stabbing murder of mother

Two teenagers are facing murder charges for the death of a 44-year-old woman who was found dead in her home. The woman was the mother of one of the teens.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Family charged in murder of store security guard who tried to enforce face mask rules

Three people have been charged after a fatal shooting took place at a Family Dollar in Michigan. A man and wife as well as their adult son have all been charged.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

No known motive for Alberta double homicide

Two men were murdered near Siebert Lake, north of Edmonton over the weekend. Morris Cardinal, 57, and Jake Sansom, 39, were found dead from gunshot wounds.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Man charged with first-degree murder of 13-year-old girl in Quebec

A man is being charged with first-degree murder after the body of 13-year-old Oceane Boyer was found in the Laurentians, north-west of Montreal.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Quebec alleged killer of young sex worker while on parole pleads guilty

A man who received a life sentence in 2006 for murdering his partner has now pleaded guilty to the murder of a sex worker while he was on parole.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Inmate murders two child molesters, did “everybody a favour”

Inmate Jonathan Watson, 41, has confessed to beating two convicted child molesters to death with a walking cane while inside prison serving a life sentence.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Man on parole accused of killing 22-year-old sex worker he was permitted to meet

A man who was let out on parole has been charged with murdering a 22-year-old sex worker after being granted permission to meet with her by his case manager.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Innocent man shot dead in Toronto, no connection to killers: Police

According to police, the man killed in Toronto’s 67th homicide was hunted down by his killers who he didn’t have any interaction with.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick