WHOOPSIE-DAISY: An asteroid barely missed Earth and NASA didn't see it coming

An asteroid the size of a car just passed closely by the Earth and NASA was not aware of it until it had already sailed past.

Sam Edwards

Indian schoolgirls discover asteroid moving towards Earth

A new asteroid that has been gradually shifting its orbit and moving towards Earth was recently discovered by Radhika Lakhani and Vaidehi Vekariya, two Indian girls in grade 10.

Terry Newman

A football field-sized asteroid just passed by the earth and no one noticed

In early June, an asteroid bigger than a football field flew by Earth and was undetected by astronomers until it passed.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: 'We are go for launch!' NASA and SpaceX head to space today

The range is currently clear for launch. The launch is scheduled for 3:22 pm today, and once propellant is loaded, the mission is underway with no turning back.

Sam Edwards

Asteroid to pass by Earth's orbit appears to be wearing face mask

Nasa has spotted a rather unusual asteroid that is set to fly past Earth next week, although it is unlikely that it will collied with our planet.

Quinn Patrick

Second “Big Bang” spotted

Astronomers have spotted a supermassive black hole swallowing a galaxy, creating a hole in space over 2 million light years across.

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Canadian-made laser successfully maps asteroid for NASA

A Canadian-built space laser mapped out an asteroid for NASA on its

Jason Unrau