Navdeep Bains

EXCLUSIVE: Senior Liberal staffer calls for the RCMP to be abolished

A top Liberal staffer who serves as the communications advisor for Trudeau Minister Navdeep Bains called for the RCMP to be abolished on social media.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government wanted to POLICE online content

Trudeau's Department of Industry claimed in 2019 that self-regulation of the internet is inaccurate and told the House of Commons to police online content

Nico Johnson

Canada aims to have coronavirus vaccine trials ready by THIS SUMMER

Canada's Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Bains announced that Canadian companies are aiming to launch clinical trials as early as this summer for a Canadian COVID-19 vaccine.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WASTE: $1 BILLION Trudeau government grant created ‘zero’ jobs

An internal document at the Department of Industry said “zero” jobs were found to be created by a $1 billion subsidy, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Nico Johnson