Basketball fans removed game in America for waving pro-Hong Kong signs

Two pro-Hong Kong, 76ers fans say they were kicked out of a basketball game on Tuesday for waving signs and shouting support for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons

Choosing profits over democracy is not a good look for the NBA

Professional sports leagues like the NBA now must calculate whether principles rule over dollars. Hopefully, they more consistently choose principle.

Jordan Goldstein Jordan Goldstein

Canadians are dead serious about national identity and sports

After years of trying to get star guard Andrew Wiggins to suit up for the national team, this time Basketball Canada took the initiative and decided to leave the 5-year pro and former 1st overall pick at home, not even bothering to invite him to camp.

Jordan Goldstein Jordan Goldstein

Toronto’s Pornhub traffic dropped by 47% after Raptors championship victory; Bay Area traffic surged

While Toronto celebrated the historic victory throughout the night, Bay Area residents consoled themselves with porn. <p>At the end of the official celebration, however, many Torontonians went home and decided to continue to celebrate with … well … porn.</p>

Yanky Pollak Yanky Pollak

Toronto Raptors win Canada’s first ever NBA Championship

The Raptors have won in 6ix.

Yanky Pollak Yanky Pollak