Tucker Carlson crushes the NBA in ratings as Americans turn away from social justice messaging

Tucker Carlson’s ratings continue to soar, deepening a current trend of Carlson being more popular than the NBA these days. His current ratings are almost twice those of the NBA as of yesterday.

James Anthony

Canadian Steve Nash to be Brooklyn Nets next head coach

Canadian NBA Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash has signed a four-year contract to become the Brooklyn Nets next head coach.

Collin Jones

NBA ratings continue to drop as fans abandon the league that's abandoned them

The NBA is facing continuing drops to their ratings, probably as a result of the polarizing political stances they have been taking recently.

James Anthony

WATCH: Former Houston Rockets star walks out of TV panel in solidarity with NBA players

Former Houston Rockets basketball star Kenny Smith got up and abruptly walked off the set of TNT's "inside the NBA" last night in the middle of a panel discussion.

James Anthony

Fox News outshines the NBA in viewership

Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban was not happy to find that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had outperformed the NBA in viewership.

Collin Jones

ESPN host mocks Christian NBA player for getting injured after not taking a knee

ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard decided to put a poll up on Monday to get people to vote on whether Jonathan Isaac's ACL injury was “funny” or not.

James Anthony

Orlando Magic's Jonathan Isaac the only player to stand for National Anthem

He refused to fall in line and take a knee. Just prior to the game between Orlando Magic and the Brooklyn Nets last Friday night, Jonathan Isaac was the only player who stood for the national anthem.

James Anthony

REVEALED: China's NBA academies are hotspots of human rights violations, ESPN investigation finds

An investigation conducted by ESPN found that employees of the NBA complained over humans rights violations inside a Chinese youth-development program.

Collin Jones

Ted Cruz shreds Mark Cuban by pointing out he has no balls on the issue Communist China

Republican senator and Dallas Mavericks continued their Twitter throwdown over China, player protests, and who has the balls to call out human rights abuses.

Mia Cathell

James Harden wears pro-police face mask in pictures promoted by NBA, Houston Rockets

Photographs promoted on Thursday by the Houston Rockets and the NBA show James Harden sporting a pro-police face covering.

Sam Edwards

NBA will not allow 'FREEHONGKONG'official custom jerseys, but 'Mao Zedong' is fine

When users attempt to make a jersey with the slogan, a message appears stating: "We are unable to customize this item with the text you have entered. Please try a different entry."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

ESPN suspends Adrian Wojnarowski for saying 'f**k you' to Senator Josh Hawley in email

Reporter Adrian Wojnarowski has been suspended by ESPN for responding with 'F**k you' in an email from Senator Josh Hawley about China and the NBA.

Collin Jones

Basketball fans removed game in America for waving pro-Hong Kong signs

Two pro-Hong Kong, 76ers fans say they were kicked out of a basketball game on Tuesday for waving signs and shouting support for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Dylan Gibbons

Choosing profits over democracy is not a good look for the NBA

Professional sports leagues like the NBA now must calculate whether principles rule over dollars. Hopefully, they more consistently choose principle.

Jordan Goldstein

Canadians are dead serious about national identity and sports

After years of trying to get star guard Andrew Wiggins to suit up for the national team, this time Basketball Canada took the initiative and decided to leave the 5-year pro and former 1st overall pick at home, not even bothering to invite him to camp.

Jordan Goldstein