BREAKING: NDP intend to vote with Liberals in confidence vote—there will be no election

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has announced his party intends to vote against the Conservative motion.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Jagmeet Singh has squandered what Jack Layton worked so hard to build

Layton took over the NDP when it was a weak, nearly-fringe organization, and slowly but surely built it up until a huge breakthrough was reached in 2011.

Spencer Fernando

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals and NDP vote unanimously to kill WE Scandal investigations

The Liberal and NDP members of a House of Commons committee voted on Tuesday to deny another attempt by the committee's Conservative members to get to the bottom of the WE Charity Scandal.

James Anthony

NDP MP says he wishes a 'socialist coup' would occur in Canada

Hamilton Centre MP, Matthew Green, tweeted out a response to an article, which warned of a Socialist coup in Canada. His response, "I wish."

The Post Millennial

Sickness benefit will give $1,000 for Canadians to miss work even if they don't have COVID-19

The change comes after Liberal Party negotiations with New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh, who called the expansion "vital."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Election avoided as NDP-Libs reach COVID-19 aid deal

Trudeau says he is confident the bill will move quickly and be passed. He is asking colleagues to fast-track it.

Angelo Isidorou

MP calls for investigation into Trudeau govt's $237 MILLION contract to former Liberal MP

"My good friend Frank Baylis, who I sat with for a number of years on committee, gets a contact," said Angus. "How did that contract happen?"

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

50 percent of Canadians say 2020 has been the worst year they've lived through

Everyone is feeling a bit gloomy. 2020 has been torturous for the general public and very few Canadians believe it's going to get much better.

Nico Johnson

Alberta Law Society embraces politically correct cancel culture

Faced with baseless NDP claims about a "racist" Aboriginal scholar and lawyer who represents people harmed by residential schools, Jason Kenney’s UCP government folded like a cheap tent.

John Carpay

NDP politician celebrates Thatchers death, wishes she died sooner

An NDP politician in Alberta has celebrated the death of the first female British prime minister in the province's legislature.

Nico Johnson

Singh stands by comments calling Bloc Quebecois MP racist

The NDP leader is standing by the comments that resulted in his removal from the House of Commons on Wednesday after he called a Bloc Quebecois MP racist.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: NDP leader booted out of Parliament for calling Quebec MP a racist

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been kicked out of the House of Commons today after refusing to apologize for calling a Bloc Quebecois MP a racist.

Nico Johnson

NDP supports spending bill, assuring no election amid pandemic

The Liberals are up against a confidence vote on Wednesday, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is confident as he has gained support from New Democrat MPs.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau to announce CERB extension

Trudeau had announced changes to the CERB on Monday, saying that the government was “working on a solution to extend the benefit for people who can’t return to work yet.”

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

NDP start petition to defund police

The petition states that while Toronto police cost over $1 billion, the money is needed in other areas such as schools, homelessness and social housing.

Sam Edwards