New Jersey

Officers targeted by gunfire at home with 10-day-old infant in Camden

Two officers were at home with their 10-day-old infant child when their house was hit with six rounds of bullets.

Libby Emmons

Couple assaults store clerk after being asked to adjust face masks

A man and woman walked into a store in a New Jersey mall and after being asked to adjust their face masks, they proceeded to assault the clerk who requested it.

Collin Jones

New York City to push back indoor restaurant reopenings due to COVID-19 fears

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Wednesday that the city will not reopen indoor dining on July 6 as originally planned.

Collin Jones

17 dead bodies found crammed into 4-person nursing home morgue

An anonymous tip led to the discovery of 17 bodies packed into a four-person morgue in northern New Jersey.

Collin Jones

Man who coughed on cashier charged with making terroristic threats

A man in New Jersey has been charged with making terroristic threats after allegedly coughing on a supermarket worker and saying he had coronavirus.

Sam Edwards