New York

Woman reportedly assaulted in Manhattan by man just out of prison

A woman, 20, was walking alone in Manhattan's West Village on Sunday when she was assaulted by a man who claimed to have just been released from prison.

The Post Millennial

Parents protest Cuomo's decision to shut down more schools in New York City

Parents stated that their children are in need of in-person classes and that remote learning alternatives are simply not making the grade.

Collin Jones

New York City cracks down on Jewish religious celebrations; Trump tweets disapproval

New York leaders Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo cracked down on Jewish celebrations, sending NYPD officers to round them up as they danced in the streets.

Ari Hoffman

Cuomo and de Blasio target Jewish neighbourhoods for new lockdown restrictions

Most of the neighborhoods targeted by the restrictions are home to part of the city's Orthodox Jewish community, where many religious schools resumed in-person instruction in September.

Ari Hoffman

Federal affidavit details accused New York rioter’s ties to Antifa

An upstate New York suspect is facing federal charges for instructing their comrades to make firebombs to harm police in one of the few known cases where federal prosecutors explicitly detail the accused’s ties to Antifa.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

9/11 was both national tragedy and the beginning of a dangerous trend of self-hate for liberal Americans

American values, customs, perspectives, history, art, governance, and attitudes were all called into question as those on the left declared us unworthy of considering ourselves the greatest nation on earth.

Libby Emmons

6-year-old boy among 5 shot at Brooklyn's banned J'Ouvert celebration

The early hours of Monday morning saw five people shot at a the West Indian J'Ouvert day in Brooklyn. The celebration had been banned by Mayor Bill de Blasio over COVID-19 concerns.

Libby Emmons

Black Lives Matter unveils 'white shields' tactic: use white people as meat shields

The Rochester chapter of Black Lives Matter has started to make use of their “white shields”, a human wall of white protestors surrounding the black protestors and serving as human shields, ready to take a bullet for the cause.

James Anthony

Suspect in blatant daytime attempted rape arrested after NYC subway attack

A New York City man with a long criminal history was arrested after attempting to rape a young woman on an Upper East Side subway platform yesterday at 11 a.m. while bystanders recorded.

Mia Cathell

Head of police union calls on Mayor de Blasio to resign by 'sundown'

A police union boss is calling for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s resignation and is demanding that he quit by sundown.

Sam Edwards

NYU to implement segregated dorms in the name of equality

New York University students have been pushing strongly for racially segregated housing this year, and the university has just given the green light.

James Anthony

Jeffrey Epstein consort Ghislaine Maxwell may face additional charges in case that 'remains active'

Jeffrey Epstein’s consort Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently awaiting trial for allegedly procuring underage girls to be raped by Epstein, may be facing additional charges against her for lying under oath about her involvement with his activities.

Ian Miles Cheong

Syracuse University to punish students who witness 'racist' incidents and don't act

Syracuse University officials created a new punishment policy for student "bystanders and accomplices" accused of silence and inaction in "racist" offenses.

Mia Cathell

New York gym owners file lawsuit against Governor Cuomo

A group of gym owners throughout NYC and NY state have gotten together, hired a lawyer and filed an injunction against Governor Cuomo’s state government.

James Anthony

Federal judge lifts 50-person wedding limit in two New York couples' lawsuits against Gov. Cuomo

A federal judge in Syracuse ruled in favour of two New York couples who challenged the state's 50-person cap on wedding celebrations.

Mia Cathell