New York

NY Attorney General files lawsuit with intent to dissolve NRA

Letitia James, New York's Attorney General said on Thursday that a lawsuit has been filed by her office against the National Rifle Association.

Sam Edwards

NYC gang member involved in three shootings after he was released without bail in May

After being released without bail on a charge of attempted murder, a gang member from Brooklyn, New York participated in three more shootings.

Sam Edwards

De Blasio institutes checkpoints to get into New York while Cuomo crusades against businesses

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that quarantine checkpoints would be installed at entrances to the city. Cuomo shut down ten more restaurants.

Libby Emmons

NYC mayor ignored approval process for BLM murals while holding others' political speech hostage to permits

"We haven't said 'no' to people, we've said, 'If you want to apply you can apply but there's a process,'" de Blasio said at a press conference on Monday.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

New York's Rep. Nadler claims Portland Antifa riots are 'a myth'

Jerry Nadler said in a recent interview that the riots which have raged for Portland, Oregon at the hands of Antifa and BLM protestors for the last two months are "a myth."

Collin Jones

Woke Democratic leaders think they can join the mob but the mob will not comply

These capitulators, who allow their cities to succumb not only to violent riots and occupations, will come under fire from the mob they tried to lead.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: NYPD clears City Hall Park of the last camped-out protestors

The NYPD estimates that there were roughly 40 to 50 people still there when they arrived. Most protestors had already left of their own volition.

James Anthony

BLM is not an equal rights movement

The BLM political organization has issued a platform of destructive and nonsensical demands that have no associated course of action other than the destruction of American society.

Libby Emmons

Establishment Democrats unable to stop far left infiltration of the party

For the Democratic party as a whole, Bowman and Engel’s race represents a political struggle for identity that goes beyond a handful of New York constituents.

Leonardo Briceno

De Blasio claims 'we are safer and better' despite massive increase in murder rate

New York City is experiencing a massive crime wave of violence, yet Mayor Bill de Blasio is pleased about how things are going in the city that never sleeps.

Libby Emmons

College theatre professor mobbed online after she falls asleep during Zoom anti-racism training

A theatre professor at prestigious Marymount Manhattan College in New York has come under fire for allegedly falling asleep during a Zoom call on anti-racism.

Libby Emmons

Police chief knelt with BLM protestors in June, beaten by them in July

Police Chief Monahan who knelt with BLM protestors in June was beaten during protest activity today. Monahan and other officers were marching in the Power to Prayer March.

Libby Emmons

Rob Reiner says 'a vote for Trump is a vote for death'

Actor and comedian Rob Reiner on Monday said that President Donald Trump is "murdering Americans," due to Trump's handling of the coronavirus.

Sam Edwards

28 shootings, one-year-old baby dead in NYC over the weekend as AOC says crime spike is just 'shoplifting'

Gunfire broke out at a family barbecue in Brooklyn over the weekend, leaving a 22-month-old baby boy dead, and three men in the hospital. AOC blames the economy and the NYPD.

Libby Emmons

Vandals destroy flagpole and damage 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville, New York

Police are currently looking for those responsible for destroying a 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville, New York.

Collin Jones