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As The New York Times deletes portions of the '1619 Project,' its creator deletes her tweets

A quick scan of her account shows that nothing exists prior to a few days ago. Hannah-Jones previously had thousands upon thousands of tweets.

James Anthony

BUSTED: New York Times quietly deletes revisionist history from discredited ‘1619 Project’ after getting called out by Trump

The New York Times has quietly deleted parts of their "1619 Project" that relate to the revising of American history, specifically the notion that America was founded in 1619.

Angelo Isidorou

New York Times no longer includes women in diversity metrics

To measure diversity, the Times only counted those who identify as coming from a minority group—but a couple years ago, women would have been included, too.

Libby Emmons

President Trump threatens to defund institutions that use 1619 Project

US President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw federal funding from any educational institution that teaches the controversial and widely debunked 1619 Project.

James Anthony

Establishment media shields Antifa in coverage of Antifa shooter's death

Left-wing news outlets refused to shine a light on Antifa's dark influence when covering the death of admitted Antifa shooter Michael Forest Reinoehl.

Mia Cathell

The New York Times just published a bizarre pro-pedophile article

According to the NY times, showing up at the door of a supposed 13 year old girl’s house with a pack of condoms on your person is perfectly acceptable behavior and should entail no legal consequences whatsoever.

James Anthony

Here are the Antifa groups Facebook has banned and the ones that are still active

Under Facebook's new policy expansion, here are the Antifa groups Facebook has banned so far and here are the ones egregiously overlooked.

Mia Cathell

His name was Cannon Hinnant—the establishment media doesn't think his life mattered

On Sunday, a man walked up to a five-year-old boy playing in his neighbourhood and executed him. This story made national headlines—but not in America’s most prominent news outlets.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Will Seattle's local media ever accurately report on riots and chaos in embattled city?

The failed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle could be viewed as a cautionary tale, but local Seattle media outlets and politicians still have their heads in the sand.

Ari Hoffman

The New York Times commits to workplace struggle sessions, racial quotas

The New York Times held a meeting with The New York Times Guild to discuss how to implement measures to improve diversity in their organization, and "improve the working conditions of our colleagues of color."

James Anthony

Conservative newspapers must not succumb to cancel culture

Can conservative newspapers withstand the cancel-culture ethos in which many of their millennial and Gen Z ranks were molded?

Barbara Kay

Leftists smear US senator as racist for critiquing 1619 Project

There was only ever one way that Cotton's critique of the 1619 Project was going to be met, and that was with accusations of racism hurled at the critic. It is the only tool of discourse the left will use.

Libby Emmons

Americans hate cancel culture: new poll

The survey found that 25 percent of Americans had no opinion on cancel culture. 46 percent more Americans indicated that in their opinion, cancel culture had gone too far.

James Anthony

Was The New York Times about to dox Tucker Carlson? Of course they were

Tucker Carlson revealed last night that The New York Times was about to dox him and his family—again. The politics of personal destruction is the new M.O. of NYT.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

New York Times exposes own bias by reporting urban legend as reality

The Times published a story about a 30-year-old man who died of the coronavirus after attending a Covid party in Texas—only the whole thing may have been an urban myth.

Collin Jones