Jerry Dunham was killed by the lockdown—not by COVID-19

Jerry posted on Facebook: “…my government told me they’re willing to let me die, which according to them is for my own safety.”

John Carpay

Americans fined for hiking in Banff National Park during pandemic

Americans who have travelled to Canada for tourism, particularly those headed to Banff National Park in Alberta may be in for an ugly surprise—a $1,200 fine.

Quinn Patrick

Americans are vacationing in Canada despite coronavirus border closure

Despite the ongoing border closure between the U.S. and Canada, American travellers are being allowed to slip across the border by Canadian border officers.

Quinn Patrick

The UN pushes for abortion—the US pushes back

Defending life and resetting the US' international priorities on a path where all life is safeguarded is a trademark of this administration.

Mattea Merta

Cannabis stores closing Sunday, deemed 'non-essential'

Cannabis stores are no longer considered an essential service in Ontario, and all shops they will be forced to close as of Saturday night.

Quinn Patrick