North Carolina

Group of parents tackle man accused of looking under bathroom stall

A North Carolina man was arrested on Sunday, after he was caught looking under a woman's bathroom stall at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Angelo Isidorou

GoFundMe raises $750,000 for the parents of five-year-old shot dead

A GoFundMe for the parents of deceased 5-year-old and gunshot victim Cannon Hinnant has raised over $750,000.

Mia Cathell

PURE EVIL: Neighbour shoots 5-year-old boy in the head while he plays outside with siblings

A young boy is dead following a shooting that took place in Wilson, North Carolina on Sunday.

Sam Edwards

Reparations approved in North Carolina

The Asheville City Council in North Carolina has unanimously voted to provide black residents and their descendants with reparations for slavery.

Sam Edwards

North Carolina police officers fired for 'hate-filled' speech

Three officers have been relieved of their duties after they were heard using "hate-filled speech" and referring "to black people as the N-word."

Collin Jones

Two dead following shooting at block party in North Carolina

Two deaths and 12 injuries occurred in North Carolina on Monday morning after a shooting at a Juneteenth celebration where multiple people were also hit by vehicles.

Sam Edwards

Editor of progressive newspaper celebrated protestors—then they stormed and trashed her office

A news editor for a small, independent outlet was in support of the protests-turned-riots, until they broke into her office and she had to take cover in the basement.

Collin Jones

Protesters exercise their constitutional rights, demand North Carolina reopen

A protest erupted in North Carolina’s state capital Raleigh this afternoon when citizens broke the Governor’s Executive Order to shelter-in-place, and demanded that North Carolina reopen.

Libby Emmons