Nova Scotia

Liberal MP who posted racist tweets now lecturing Canadians on racism and discrimination

“Why do I assume every skinny aboriginal girl is on crystal meth or pills?” inquired Battiste in a 2012 tweet.

Noah David Alter

Nova Scotia extends state of emergency after one new case of COVID-19 reported

The province of Nova Scotia reported just one new case of the novel coronavirus on Friday. The state of emergency has now been extended for two more weeks.

James Anthony

Notorious Nova Scotia drunk driver sentenced to 15 years in prison

A man who has garnered a reputation for drunk driving has been slapped with a 15-year prison sentence by a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge.

Collin Jones

Cancelled psych professor running for Nova Scotia councillor

"I am using it as a concrete example of my integrity," Mehta said. "I believe that it demonstrates clearly that I am firm when it comes to matters of principle or conscience."

Jonathan Bradley

Human trafficking investigation in Nova Scotia leads to new arrest and charges

One man is facing charges following a human trafficking investigation Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Two others have received additional charges

Sam Edwards

Lorne Grabher's controversial licence plate case to head to the Nova Scotia court of appeal

Lorne Grabher’s case involving the government of Nova Scotia censoring his personalized licence plate is now scheduled for an appeal hearing.

Sam Edwards

BC woman charged after failing to self-isolate and visiting Cape Breton brewery

A British Columbia woman has been charged after failing to self-isolate and proceeding to visit a Cape Britain brewery.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Liberal Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil to step down

The announcement came on Thursday following a cabinet meeting with the Liberal Party, and he will stay on until a new leader is chosen.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

MacKay campaign boasts about using ministerial influence to funnel money to MacKay's riding

An email sent by the MacKay campaign bragged that the Conservative leadership candidate used his ministerial influence to bring investment to Nova Scotia.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Nova Scotia MPs call for public inquiry into mass shooting as Trudeau refuses to commit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in May that the RCMP would work on an investigation, though he sidestepped the question on whether or not his government will launch a public inquiry.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Parole given to former NS police chief guilty of child sexual exploitation after serving five months

Collyer had previously been sentenced to sexual exploitation back in March, and was slated to serve 15 months for having interacted in a sexual manner with a minor

James Anthony

Nova Scotia to make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces

NS has not reported a new case of coronavirus in nine days and the province on Friday announced that masks will be soon be mandatory.

Sam Edwards

Independent review into Nova Scotia shooting undertaken by provincial, federal governments

Details on the joint independent review into the Nova Scotia mass killing will be released on Thursday afternoon by the Nova Scotia and federal governments.

Sam Edwards

Nova Scotia RCMP officer faces child pornography charges, suspended with pay

Hirsch has been suspended with pay, and is set to appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on August 12, 2020.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Nova Scotia shooter influenced by paranoia over pandemic, say RCMP

The Nova Scotia man who killed 22 people in April had stockpiled cash, food, and fuel due to paranoia about the COVID-19 pandemic, but gave no indication to those closest to him that he was planning an attack.

Collin Jones