State-funded NPR refuses to cover Hunter Biden story, calling it a 'waste of time'

NPR said that they are not covering the bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden's alleged influence peddling scheme because "we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories..."

James Anthony

NPR promotes insane book celebrating looting and riots

This book promoting riots is a number one new release on Amazon, a mega-corporation that benefits every time a local shop gets torched.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

NPR claims that police declaring a riot could be 'rooted in racism'

According to NPR, calling the riots in Portland riots is linked to racism more than the actual actions taking place in the riots.

James Anthony

Here are the Antifa groups Facebook has banned and the ones that are still active

Under Facebook's new policy expansion, here are the Antifa groups Facebook has banned so far and here are the ones egregiously overlooked.

Mia Cathell

Seattle's cancelled weatherman speaks out in exclusive interview

"A big element of what happened in Nazi Germany was that a lot of people, good people that should have known better said nothing. They were afraid. And that was true here," Mass said.

Ari Hoffman

NPR fires weatherman for comparing Seattle riots to Germany in 1938 on his personal blog

A weatherman for a NPR has been taken off the air for a personal blog post that shows in vivid detail the destruction two months of incessant rioting and protests have wrecked on Seattle.

Ari Hoffman

The call to stop airing Trump's press conferences is coming from inside the press

Outlets across the left leaning media have called for networks to stop broadcasting President Trump’s coronavirus press briefings, and for Americans to stop watching them.

Ari Hoffman