35 missing children found by US Marshals in Ohio

US Marshals have found 35 missing children in Ohio after launching "Operation Safety Net," which aims to crack down on kidnappings and missing children cases.

Angelo Isidorou

Trump parades defy polling as 'silent majority' vocalizes support

Despite what national polling tells about the 2020 presidential race, Trump supporters across major US cities are pouring to the streets to express their devotion to the Republican president.

Mia Cathell

Ohio department of health bans hydroxychloroquine—then governor steps in to halt ban

The ODH announced on Wednesday that a ruling was issued by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy prohibiting the dispensing or selling of both hydroxychloroquine.

Sam Edwards

Man who kneeled on baby's neck declaring 'BLM now' has been arrested

A man in Ohio has been taken into custody after posting a photo of himself kneeling on the neck of a two-year-old, with the caption "BLM now MF"

Collin Jones

Violent protests flare across the US over George Floyd's death

Protests over George Floyd's violent death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Monday have continued to rock major US cities.

Collin Jones

American life expectancy dropping dramatically

A study has revealed that life expectancy in America is declining dramatically after decades of progress.

Nico Johnson

You can now buy a flying flamethrower drone

Flying drones with giant flamethrowers are now a thing and people are actually getting them. Throw Flame, an American company from Ohio is selling a flame thrower attachment for drones…

Ali Taghva