Five missing children rescued after US Marshalls arrest 262 in massive gang bust in Oklahoma

Over the past two months, “Operation Triple Beam”, has been a massive undertaking by US Marshalls in Oklahoma City. On Friday, US Marshalls made announcement that 262 individuals have been arrested, including 141 gang members.

Angelo Isidorou

Eskimo Joe's says it will not change name or logo following online petition

Eskimo Joe’s in Oklahoma says it does not intend to make changes to its logo or name after a petition began online calling for the restaurant to drop them.

Sam Edwards

Two police officers shot at traffic stop, manhunt underway in Tulsa

A manhunt is currently in progress in Tulsa, Oklahoma following the shooting of two Tulsa police officers on Monday morning.

Sam Edwards

National Guard called in for Trump rally security

The Army National Guard in Oklahoma is calling on 250 soldiers for security at President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday, say authorities.

Sam Edwards

Trump discouraged from holding Tulsa rally yet OK protests continue

The head of the Tulsa Health Department expressed his wishes that an upcoming rally for the Trump campaign be postponed due to a surge in new coronavirus cases in the county.

Collin Jones

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic is the hero we need right now

Going inside has made us realize that we are our own main characters. Joe Exotic shows us just how to be the hero we want in our own lives. Even if the price is our freedom.

Libby Emmons