BREAKING: CAF members in long-term care homes say they became whistleblowers after inaction by Trudeau government

Troops claim they went to the press to reveal the mistreatment of seniors in long-term care homes because of inaction on the part of the Trudeau government.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Toronto Mayor blasted over FOUR BILLION DOLLAR Rail Deck Park

John Tory's pet project, Rail Deck Park, is being pushed ahead. This comes despite the cost of the project ballooning since its last projection.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Ontario reports lowest number of new coronavirus cases in past two weeks

Ontario has reported the lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in over two weeks, this will mark the first time that the number of new cases was below 300.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Trudeau addresses serious allegations of mistreatment of residents in long-term care homes

Justin Trudeau made some emotional comments in a press conference today regarding allegations of mistreatment and mismanagement in Ontario's long-term care homes.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Ontario drive-in theatres eagerly awaiting green light to reopen

Drive-in movie theatres have not yet been allowed to reopen since the pandemic first hit, but are still waiting on approval from the provincial government.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Heat warning issued by Environment Canada for southern Ontario

Southern Ontario has just been issued a heat warning for Monday as temperatures could break records, making the days feel close to 40 degrees the humidex.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Ford says 'there will be consequences' for landlords who do not help tenants

Ford said that it was up to landlords to accept the olive branch from the provincial and federal government.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Toronto mayor apologizes for not wearing a mask while criticizing others for not wearing a mask

Tory had gone to the park to determine just how much his fellow citizens were not following the social distancing protocols that he was not following.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

WATCH: Anti-shutdown protestor licks statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in defiance of coronavirus

An anti-lockdown protestor licked a statue at Queen's Park in Toronto today so to display his resentment over Canada's closure.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

Ontario reports incidents of police officer impersonations

Reports of another police officer impersonation were filed after yet another driver was pulled over and questioned by someone who wasn't actually a police officer.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Anti-shutdown protestors gather in Toronto, plan to defy police by marching

One protestor confronted a CBC cameraman and told him that he was not welcome: "You're not really welcome here. CBC has basically destroyed this country."

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

Doug Ford urges all residents with coronavirus symptoms to get tested

The Ontario government has announced that anyone can now get tested for COVID-19.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Ontario man petitions grocery stores to require shoppers to wear face masks

"If I saw, let's say 90 percent of people actually going through the stores wearing masks, I would feel a lot more confident, Rob Shirkey said.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

99-year-old Ontario man raises money for coronavirus with 100 km walk

A 99-year-old Newmarket man is taking time out of every day to reach his goal of walking 100 kilometres by next spring—in time for his 100th birthday.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Ford's Ontario lagging behind other provinces in reopening businesses

A new report conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has shown that Ontario is falling behind other provinces.

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