Ontario Pc Party

The 'revolving door' between Ontario's PCs and the for-profit seniors care industry worst hit by coronavirus

Conservative politicians and insiders routinely turn from the party and government payroll to cashing in on for-profit long-term care. Likewise, the for-profit lobby has given at least $340,477 in political donations to the Ontario PCs since 2007.

Samuel Helguero

BREAKING: Doug Ford's mother-in-law tests positive for coronavirus

Doug Ford's 95-year-old mother-in-law has tested positive for coronavirus confirms the premier's office.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Doug Ford extends state of emergency, demands 'get these damn tests done'

In a press conference today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that he will extend Ontario's state of emergency for another 28 days.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Doug Ford SLAMS President Trump over 3M decision

Doug Ford has criticized Donald Trump, saying he was "disappointed" in his actions after he pressured an American company to stop selling masks to Canada.

Nico Johnson

Doug Ford WILL reveal coronavirus data, after Trudeau refuses

Doug Ford has said that he will release the coronavirus projection data, setting an entirely different course to that of the Prime Minister who will not.

Nico Johnson

'Industrial powerhouse': Ford announces $50 million to repurpose factories for medical supplies

Doug Ford has called on the province's businesses to "mobilize Ontario's manufacturing might" in order to build more medical supplies.

Nico Johnson

EXCLUSIVE: Doug Ford personally delivered 90,000 surgical masks to Ontarians in his truck

Ford personally drove his pickup truck to a warehouse on Sunday afternoon in order to pick up 90,000 masks that a company had donated to the province.

Nico Johnson

Doug Ford SLAMS grocer for $30 Lysol, store claims pricing error

Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed a Toronto grocery store for price gouging after they charged customers $30 for a container of Lysol wipes.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Ford announces $3.3 BILLION to support frontline medical workers

In a press conference at Queen's Park today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a $3.3 billion cash injection to help frontline medical workers.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Ford orders the closure of all non-essential business in Ontario

Ford has ordered the closure of all non-essential business in Ontario. This order will be effective on Tuesday, March 24th for 14 days.

Nico Johnson

Another coronavirus death in Ontario, 78 new cases of the virus

Ontario has announced that there are 78 new cases of coronavirus in the province, bringing the total in the province up to 425.

Nico Johnson

Man who called for Conservative politician to be aborted protests with teachers

A man who held an offensive sign that wished Sam Oosterhoff was killed as an abortion and stood alongside teachers but is not a teacher himself.

Jonathan Bradley

MILLIONS of Ontario kids out of the classroom as public teachers strike

Ontario’s first ever provincewide public school teachers’ strikes began Friday, leaving two million studnets out of the classrooms.

Quinn Patrick

Two charged for dung-dumping incident at Ford’s Etobicoke office

Two Extinction Rebellion protestors have been charged after they allegedly dumped a load of manure on the sidewalk in front of Doug Ford’s Etobicoke office.

Nico Johnson

Ontario locals help stop nearly-completed wind farm from running due to danger to bats

The Ontario PC Environment Minister Jeff Yurek announced the closure of the $200 million project this week.

Quinn Patrick