Ontario Police seized over $143 MILLION in illegal cannabis since July

Police additionally recovered 36 illegal firearms, over $76,000 in cash, and over $514,000 in criminal proceeds in connection with the drug busts.

Noah David Alter

86-year-old Pembroke man charged with numerous sexual offences against minors

The man, whose name has been withheld from reports to protect the victims, faces 14 various sexual assault charges based on the law at the time the offences were committed.

Joe Vaughan

Ontario police call on public for information about suspect who vandalized police memorial

Ontario's Provincial Police (OPP) are searching for a suspect who defaced a memorial to police officers who died in service.

Nico Johnson

Conservative Ontario MP's family tied up in drug bust

A Conservative MP has had a family member arrested by the St. Thomas police in a drug bust.

Nico Johnson

Largest fentanyl seizure in Ontario history made by OPP and Toronto police

Over 70 kilograms of powder and 120,000 fentanyl pills were obtained in the biggest fentanyl seizure in the history of Ontario law enforcement.

Sam Edwards

Ontario reports incidents of police officer impersonations

Reports of another police officer impersonation were filed after yet another driver was pulled over and questioned by someone who wasn't actually a police officer.

Quinn Patrick

OPP release sketch of suspect impersonating police officer

The OPP have given some tips to the public to help those in the public who may encounter an impersonator.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ontario sees second new case of police officer impersonation

Essex county OPP are looking into reports of a man attempting to impersonate an officer just days after Wellington OPP investigated a similar situation.

Sam Edwards

Casino Rama Resort receives bomb threat, forced to evacuate

Casino Rama Resort has had to evacuate due to an anonymous bomb threat. Orillia OPP are currently at the scene to help with the evacuation.

Sam Edwards

Police prepare to remove anti-pipeline protestors from blocking train tracks

Police are preparing to clear the tracks in Belleville of demonstrators who managed to halt all train travel between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Nico Johnson

Ontario missing reservist found dead in LaSalle Causeway

The OPP’s underwater search and recovery unit found and retrieved the body of Private Michal Beaman on Wednesday, January 29.

Quinn Patrick