Police arrest two men for looting homes of fleeing Oregon residents amid wildfires

On Thursday, a number of reports were made in regard to a suspicious white van roaming Santiam Canyon, which has been evacuated all week due to the Beachie Creek fire. Fire crews in the area also spotted this suspicious vehicle.

Angelo Isidorou

Homeless man charged with arson for Phoenix fire in Oregon

Amid the wildfires ravaging the West Coast, a local man was charged with arson in connection to a fire that was set Tuesday in the Phoenix area in southern Oregon.

Mia Cathell

POLL: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, call them 'mostly violent riots' and want more police force

A recent survey found that a majority of Oregon voters do not believe the Portland protests to be "mostly peaceful" and a plurality urge police to use greater force to quell the violence.

Mia Cathell

After 105 days of riots, Portland mayor orders police to STOP using tear gas

Police in Portland have been trying to control and suppress rioting for over 100 days. Now Mayor Ted Wheeler has told police to stop using tear gas.

Simon Marks

Oregon governor says wildfires could be 'greatest loss of human lives' due to wildfires in state's history

With winds raging up to 50 miles per hour, blowing flames miles in just a few hours, the collective footprint of the blaze is "nearly twice the size of New York City."

Collin Jones

Portland police arrest John Malkovich's failson offspring Loewy for rioting

The failson offspring of actor John Malkovich, Loewy Malkovich, was arrested at a violent riot in Portland, Oregon late Friday night. He was charged with obstructing a peace officer and disorderly conduct in the second degree.

Ian Miles Cheong

WATCH: Portland police rescue man set on fire by Antifa

Portland's 100th night of rioting last night saw a man set on fire by Antifa militants who tossed Molotov cocktails and explosive fireworks in residential neighborhoods. Portland police officers rushed in to put out the flames as rioters looked on.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Trump shreds liberal leaders in Oregon, saying 'they stick up for the violence'

President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News host Laura Ingraham to discuss the shooting of an alleged Trump supporter in Portland on Saturday.

Collin Jones

Portland officials respond to deadly shooting of Trump supporter, blame Trump

Portland and Multnomah County leadership responded in a press conference yesterday to the fatal Portland shooting of a Trump supporter on Saturday night.

Mia Cathell

Oregon governor calls for Portland violence to end after months of Antifa terror

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said it's time to hold rioters and looters accountable for the widespread crime in Portland following almost three unchecked months of civil unrest.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Woman in MAGA hat at pro-police rally assaulted by anti-Trump man

Anti-BLM protests in the Portland suburb of Gresham, Ore. turned violent yesterday when a male counter-protestor attacked a female wearing a MAGA hat.

James Anthony

Portland mayor promotes $62 million black-only fund amid race riots

While Black Lives Matter rioters have been destroying local businesses and causing public mayhem for over two months, Ted Wheeler promoted a fund exclusively for "Black relief and resiliency."

Mia Cathell

Portland courthouse, federal buildings closed amid FBI threat investigation

Ahead of the terrorizing mob in downtown Portland last night, all federal buildings, including the Federal Bankruptcy Court and the notoriously targeted Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, were closed downtown amid a threat under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mia Cathell

Portland mayor pledges support for 'peaceful demonstrations' after rioters torch city building

Ted Wheeler, says he supports "peaceful demonstrations" happening in his city. This after "peaceful protestors" set fire to the Multnomah County building.

Joe Vaughan

Antifa rioters in Portland assault 'counter-protestors', police, and smash vehicles in residential neighborhood

A Black Lives Matter protest in Portland residential streets on Saturday night turned violent when alleged “counter-protestors” turned up to oppose the nightly protests that broke out following the death of George Floyd in late May.

Ian Miles Cheong