HATE HOAX: Local Oregon candidate admits to writing racist hate mail to himself

Umatilla County commissioner candidate Jonathan Lopez had claimed last month that the letter was left anonymously in his mailbox.

Mia Cathell

Antifa militant arrested, faces federal charges for burning Portland police precinct

Rollin Tristan Fodor, 18, was arrested yesterday for felony charges related to the attempted arson of the Portland Police’s North Precinct during an Antifa riot weeks ago.

Mia Cathell

The city of Salem bans 4th of July celebrations, allows Black Lives Matter event drawing up to 1,000 protesters

The city of Salem, Oregon has given the go-ahead for a large Black Lives Matter gathering to be held today but canceled a 4th of July fireworks celebration over health concerns relating to the spread of COVID-19.

Ian Miles Cheong

County orders white people to wear face masks but exempts others

A new order in Lincoln County, Oregon, requiring face masks be worn in public exempts non-white people in order to avoid racial profiling.

Sam Edwards

Portland hospital sponsored supply tent at violent Antifa protests

Students at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) used their affiliation with the institution to support the efforts of Antifa rioters in Portland.

Collin Jones

Popular Antifa COVID-19 Portland fundraiser accused of being a scam

Questions about financial misconduct have arisen over a viral Antifa crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100,000 on the promise of supporting Portlanders in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andy Ngo

Portland police crack down on Antifa marchers

Members of the Portland Police Department took strong action against protesters Saturday evening, ordering them to get off the street or face arrest.

Collin Jones

Portland police chief resigns as activists erect then abandon 'autonomous zone'

Mirroring their protest neighbors to the north in Seattle, Portland protesters and erected their own autonomous zone. It was abandoned by morning.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Man in wheelchair brutally beaten during Portland riots

A video from the riots in Portland shows a man in a wheelchair being beaten on the sidewalk causing a fight to break out between several others.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Man sucker punched for carrying American flag, another has teeth knocked out by far-left extremists

What started out as a peaceful protest in Portland on Saturday quickly devolved into a violent riot that saw brutality by far-left extremists.

Collin Jones

Oregon man part of radical left-wing antifascist group sues his grandmother over rent disagreement

Austin Goodrich was part of an antifa group that shut down a College Republicans event at Portland State in 2019. (Photo: Andy Ngo)

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz