US College enrollment numbers drop sharply

Enrollment rates are down for undergraduate students in the United States, especially among the key demographic of freshmen.

James Anthony

Rempel Garner blasts Trudeau Liberals over 'outrageous cover-up tactics' for refusal to release COVID-19 documents

"Liberal MPs will have a choice to make, between covering up the truth, or being transparent with Canadians," said Rempel Garner.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ford government expected to release modified Stage 2 restrictions for select cities, gyms and indoor dining to close

Businesses in cities like Toronto, Ottawa and the Peel Region will receive the new restrictions.

Joe Vaughan

SURVEY: 83 percent of respondents say Canadian governments should mandate face masks

An online survey by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies shows that 83 percent of respondents feel governments should order people to wear a mask in all indoor spaces.

Joe Vaughan

Vancouver spent $300K on designer furniture and complained city was 'bleeding money'

The high end furniture was being ordered as late as May, after Mayor Kennedy Stewart publicly claimed that the city is "bleeding money."

Angelo Isidorou

Kamala Harris declares climate change a 'public health crisis'

In the areas of these three public health crises: COVID-19, racism, and climate change, discourse is being shut down.

Libby Emmons

Australian police officer who signed warrant for pregnant 'anti-lockdown' mom had sexual relationship with informant lawyer

The police officer, who signed the search warrant to effectively arrest the pregnant Australian mother for a Facebook post allegedly organizing a lockdown protest, is the very same officer who used a lawyer as an informant on her own clients.

Sydney Watson and Mia Cathell

CBC struggling as advertising sales drop by 20 percent amid pandemic

In more ominous news for the CBC, it has been reported on Monday that the state broadcaster's ad sales have declined by nearly 20 percent.

Nico Johnson

School vouchers must be an option for parents as schools reopen

If I were a parent these days, I wouldn't be clamoring to send my kids back to school. I'd be trying to persuade the government to give me a voucher.

Karen Selick

Trudeau takes SIXTH personal day in a row during WE scandal, global pandemic

Trudeau's vacation days have added up quickly in 2020. The prime minister has taken nearly 50 personal days this year, while 2019's days off totaled 91.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ford government to provide $1.6 billion in first round of emergency funding

The Ontario government will be giving municipalities up to $1.6 billion as part of the first round of emergency funding under the Safe Restart Agreement.

Jonathan Bradley

BBC advises no face-to-face sex during the pandemic

The charity published advice instructing intimate couples to avoid kissing, wear a face covering, and choose positions that aren't face-to-face during sex—how romantic.

Mia Cathell

Canadian dies while detained in US immigration detention centre with coronavirus outbreak

A Canadian has died after being held at a U.S. immigration detention centre for almost three months while it was facing a major coronavirus outbreak.

Sam Edwards

Laws limiting freedoms are not based in science but fear

These lockdowns were imposed for the purpose of flattening the curve, not stopping the spread. The curve is flat, and has been for months.

John Carpay

Trudeau government gives economic relief to booming marijuana business

Statistics Canada reported that the Cannabis industry saw sales increase from $86 million to $186 million, an increase of 116 percent.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz