New study shows kids are more at risk due to restrictions than from COVID-19

Much of the public suspected that children have been rarely affected by COVID-19 directly. Lockdown has adversely affected these kids' mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Nicole Russell

Black moms and dads deserve to know the truth—kids do better with two parents

Black communities are not singular in their drift away from two-parent family life; they are only the most deeply affected by a widespread cultural trend.

Barbara Kay

Parents—it's time to speak out against critical race theory indoctrination in schools

The more parents speak out and stop being afraid to be called that most feared of contemporary American insults, racist, the more students will be liberated from the burden of critical race indoctrination.

Libby Emmons

Puberty blockers are not the easy fix trans-accepting parents want them to be

While medical professionals who take an oath to "do no harm" certainly have a responsibility to do due diligence before they start facilitating the whims of children, parents are more to blame.

Kristen Monique

Study shows people with kids more likely to drink during pandemic

Parents are more likely to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism if they have at least one minor child living with them.

James Anthony

School vouchers must be an option for parents as schools reopen

If I were a parent these days, I wouldn't be clamoring to send my kids back to school. I'd be trying to persuade the government to give me a voucher.

Karen Selick

Four ways parents can fight back against woke indoctrination in schools

It's imperative that parents who value ethics, morality, the role of sexuality in their children's mature lives, become aware of the way these concepts are infiltrating schools in a progressive manner.

Nicole Russell

POILIEVRE & GENUIS: Benefits need to be flexible to serve families returning to work

We need to connect working parents with childcare and the unemployed with jobs. A new solution would offer income to the jobless and childcare to working parents.

Garnett Genuis and Pierre Poilievre

The next step in the culture war is the assault on the traditional family

The idea is that having family, growing up with two parents, is privileged, and that this creates inequity. Any inequity must be crushed.

Sumantra Maitra

Baby selling is big business

As doctors line their pockets, and babies are sold across borders, it is not equality, but money, power and influence that are at stake. Women and children—as usual—are collateral damage.

Nicole Russell

Toronto family builds backyard pirate ship but the city forces them to dismantle it

A Toronto family built a pirate ship in their backyard to keep their kids occupied during the pandemic but got a nasty surprise when the city told them to take it down.

Libby Emmons

Making room for foster children during the pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of children in the foster care system are being forced to brave this unprecedented crisis without the comfort of a stable home or loving guardians.

Melissa Buck

Anti-spanking legislation is a means to undermine parental rights

It’s hard to believe this is really about spanking a child rather than a politician trying to use the state as a tool to destroy the family and turn children into puppets of the state.

Nicole Russell

The NYC school system is teaching my ten-year-old son that he's racist

What my son heard was that he is racist and doesn’t even know it, and that his parents and grandparents provided this legacy to him.

Libby Emmons

Bill to ban FGM passes in Wyoming despite pushback by radical trans activists

A Wyoming bill to ban FGM was nearly defeated by opposition from trans activists on the grounds that it would outlaw gender reassignment surgery for minors.

Erin Perse