BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals and NDP vote unanimously to kill WE Scandal investigations

The Liberal and NDP members of a House of Commons committee voted on Tuesday to deny another attempt by the committee's Conservative members to get to the bottom of the WE Charity Scandal.

James Anthony

British MP nominates Biden for Nobel Peace Prize for some reason

Chris Bryant, a Labour MP in the British Parliament, nominated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize this year.

James Anthony

Trudeau Liberals want most MPs kept from Parliament upon 'reopening'

Trudeau's government wants just a limited number of the 338 MPs to return to Ottawa, with the majority taking part online, potentially via their cellphones.

Simon Marks

Canadian MPs now worried about potential second lockdown

Many MPs are worried about both the health and economic situations of Canada, and fear that there isn’t a proper plan in place to deal with these two looming problems.

James Anthony

Trudeau skips Scheer's last day as Opposition Leader in House, repeating election night snub

Rather than make-do with the large number of days he has off, Trudeau is even skipping the rare sitting days, staying on vacation as the House returns.

Spencer Fernando

ME Before WE: It's in Trudeau's nature

Just like the Scorpion in Aesop's Fable, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can't seem to help himself. It's in his nature to use the power of his office to enrich himself, reward his friends, and punish his critics.

Michael Barrett

Former parliamentary watchdog says Trudeau has 'blind spot' on ethics

Former Parliamentary watchdog Mary Dawson says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might have a "blind spot" on ethical matters.

Sam Edwards

EXCLUSIVE: Leslyn Lewis will stand for Parliament regardless of whether she wins CPC leadership

CPC leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis confirmed in an interview with The Post Millennial on Tuesday that she would seek a seat in federal Parliament.

Nico Johnson

Parliament won't censor former poet laureate's selection or remove n-word

Yesterday, Parliamentary said it will not take the N-word from its federal website. The word is used in a poem by the former poet laureate of Parliament.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: NDP leader booted out of Parliament for calling Quebec MP a racist

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been kicked out of the House of Commons today after refusing to apologize for calling a Bloc Quebecois MP a racist.

Nico Johnson

Canadian Senate on alert after madman sends 'COVID-infected letters' to staff

The Canadian Senate has been put on high alert after a letter was sent to senate offices the contents of which claimed that it was covered in coronavirus.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Trudeau goes after Conservatives, says they 'lost the debate' over suspending Parliament

Trudeau said that the Conservatives chose to not support "concrete help" to Canadians because they "lost the debate" to reopen parliament, which concluded over two weeks ago.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Liberal MP's status quietly changed to 'Independent' following assault, break and enter charges

Guelph police say Tabbara is being charged with a break and enter, assault, and criminal harassment, with a court appearance scheduled for June 19.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau's parliamentary power grab must be fought

This election will decide whether Canada will continue to be a free and prosperous nation, or whether we will slide downwards into tyranny, corruption, and authoritarianism.

Warren Steinley

Trudeau admits in-person meetings are more effective after shutting down Parliament

Earlier today, a vote passed in Parliament to limit debate in the House of Commons, with the opposition accusing Trudeau of lacking transparency.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz