Peaceful Protests

Christian worshippers kicked out of Seattle park, while city allows anti-police protests that turn into riots

Churchgoers were forced to go elsewhere to worship, meanwhile the protests turned into riots in which Seattle police were violently attacked.

Ari Hoffman and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Associated Press issues erroneous 'fact check' saying there is 'no evidence' of Antifa, BLM violence

32 people have died during "mostly peaceful" protests following the death of George Floyd.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

CNN says protests 'fiery but mostly peaceful' while reporter pictured in front of Kenosha burning to the ground

The outright, direct lie caused many viewers to do a double take. And as the flames rose behind Jimenez, it was impossible for viewers to reconcile the images with the words.

Libby Emmons

BUSTED: CNN accidentally tells the truth about violent riots for 15 seconds, then quickly deletes the word 'violent'

CNN was busted accidentally telling the truth after airing a chyron describing riots in Wisconsin as "violent."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz