People's Party Of Canada

Sacrificing principled Conservative leadership for vain hopes in Quebec

Andrew Scheer’s attempt to win seats in Quebec cost him seats and credibility with voters.

John Sikkema

PPC’s Maxime Bernier loses his seat in Beauce

The controversial MP and federal leader, who also served in Stephen Harper’s cabinet as the minister of Small Business and Tourism and Agriculture, served as Beauce’s Member of Parliament since 2006, having won convincingly as a conservative in four prior elections.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Why I’m Voting PPC

Only the People’s Party of Canada advocates Personal Responsibility.

Elliot Mashford

Conservatives paid Warren Kinsella’s firm to discredit Maxime Bernier’s PPC

According to a breaking report from The Globe and Mail, the Conservative Party of Canada allegedly contracted Warren Kinsella’s consulting firm “Daisy Group” to discredit and smear the People’s Party of Canada.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Party candidates square off at Catholic debate; talk abortion, climate change, religious freedom and more

The debate touched on several topics of interest to voters across the political spectrum, including poverty, Christian persecution, human dignity, immigration, refugees, and the environment.

Lucas Holtvluwer

Conservative Party promises to stop the flow of raw sewage into waterways

On Wednesday, October 2, Conservatives pledged that they will work with provinces and municipalities to stop the flow and dumping of raw sewage in water ways.

Dylan Gibbons