BREAKING: Antifa show up for non-existent 'Proud Boys' rally in Philadelphia—attack media instead

He and his camerawoman, Lisa Reynolds Barbounis, were attacked in lieu of Proud Boys. Klüg has a show where he interviews protesters, but things in Philly did not go as planned and he and his team were chased and assaulted by Antifa.

Angelo Isidorou

BLM activists and Trump supporters clash in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia tonight, the Trump supporters and his haters are be facing off just steps from the birthplace of American democracy.

Libby Emmons

US Attorney steps in to give steep sentence to gunman who had a 'sweetheart deal'

A gunman in Philadelphia who wounded a store owner by shooting him with an AK-47 in 2018 has been sentenced to 14 years and three months in prison.

Collin Jones

Antifa mob protesting racism defaces statue of Matthias Baldwin, celebrated abolitionist

Antifa defaced a statue of Matthias Baldwin in Philadelphia, spray-painting the words "murderer" and "colonizer" near his name despite that fact that he fought against slavery, fought for black voting rights, and even helped build schools for black children.

Collin Jones

Attempted looter shot and killed by gun shop owner

The owner of Firing Line Inc. was spending the night inside his shop to protect it after several attempted break-ins over the previous few nights.

Collin Jones