Perfect podcasts for pandemic lockdown listening

Next time you're bored, on a walk, or a lengthy commute, try one of these if only to forget you just spent four months in an unnecessary quarantine.

Nicole Russell

WATCH: Jordan Peterson makes triumphant and emotional return on daughter Mikhaila's podcast

Jordan Peterson joined his daughter on her podcast The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, to discuss his return to health and what he is doing now.

Quinn Patrick

Steve Bannon on Red Scare is the kind of discourse we need to hear

Steve Bannon went on Red Scare, and his view on how we got to this place of pandemic is that it’s due to a failed ideology of managing the decline of the American empire.

Libby Emmons

‘I miss it’: Don Cherry reminisces about Coach’s Corner, doesn’t mention Ron MacLean

Don Cherry talked on his podcast, Grapevine 2.0, about how he misses hosting Coach’s Corner on Saturday nights and reminisced about his former co-workers.

Quinn Patrick

Don Cherry’s debut podcast beat Joe Rogan in Canada

Don Cherry’s new podcast continues to stay in Canadian’s top ten podcast list, at one point surpassing Joe Rogan.

Quinn Patrick