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CBC Kids News promotes hunger strike for teens

CBC Kids News has published an article in favour of Canadian teens embarking on a hunger strike.

Barrett Wilson

Joe Rogan tried the ‘carnivore diet’ for 30 days and says he felt amazing

Rogan’s 30-day-diet consisted of eating just meat, eggs and fish throughout the month while cutting out carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit.

Sam Edwards

Our freedoms are under assault by social justice mobs

Future historians may decry our times as the turning point when Lady Liberty laid down her torch and gave up the fight.

Lisa Bildy

A reminder that Canadians are still jailed in communist China

Why is there little outrage is over the fact that Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are still being arbitrarily jailed in communist China?

Spencer Fernando

Conservatives must embrace the era of celebrity politics

Andrew Scheer, despite clearly being a good family man, was among the most boring candidates of all time.

Spencer Fernando

Hong Kong protestors use ingenious tactics to demand democracy

What they are fighting for here are basic rights of self-determination. They are trying to secure freedom from authoritarian rule with inventive strategies

Libby Emmons