Political Correctness

BC hockey team changes name from 'Braves' just in case it might be offensive

A hockey team on Vancouver Island will be changing their name and logo after the team's owners felt it may be disrespectful to Indigenous communities.

Quinn Patrick

City of Seattle teaches white employees to 'undo their whiteness' in bizarre 'diversity training' sessions

If a white employee speaks too much, that’s "imposition" or "paternalism." If a white employee speaks too little, "silence" is also "violence."

Mia Cathell

Ex-football players lobby SFU to change their Scottish nickname 'The Clan'

Simon Fraser University is considering changing the nick name of the football team, which is referred to as "The Clan." despite no connection to KKK.

Quinn Patrick

HIPPOCRATIC HYPOCRISY: Over 1,300 health professionals endorsed BLM protests after condemning lockdown protests

Epidemiologists, doctors, and other medical personnel decried the anti-lockdown protests as reinforcing white supremacy, but as soon as the Black Lives Matter protests began, supported them.

Libby Emmons

Washington Redskins to review team name after pressured by major corporations—Nike removes their merch online

A 2016 Washington Post poll of 504 Native Americans found that nine of 10 were not offended by the Redskins name.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

City of Regina puts TRIGGER WARNING on statue of Sir John A. Macdonald—just in time for Canada Day

A statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Regina's Victoria Park has become the subject of debate, prompting the City of Regina to place a plaque with a "trigger warning" on it.

Quinn Patrick

Wendy Mesley disciplined by CBC News for using the N-word

CBC News has disciplined news host Wendy Mesley. An internal investigation found that she used offensive language "on two separate occasions during editorial meetings."

Barrett Wilson

It turns out cognitive differences are as simple as a game of chess

Progressive ideologues are committed to the dogma that environmental factors—racism, social construction—alone account for differences in racial and gender outcomes.

Barbara Kay

Trans people agree with JK Rowling while 'woke allies' perform their outrage

As a trans woman myself, it has been interesting to see that most trans people actually agree with JK Rowling.

Blaire White

Campus mob targets Cornell Law professor who criticized Black Lives Matter

Cornell Law School Professor William A. Jacobson faces widespread denunciation, calls for his termination, and a student boycott of his classes.

Brad Polumbo

Jordan Peterson returns with epic takedown of political correctness

Jordan Peterson released a post on his website concerning the dangerous impacts political correctness is having in universities and on important research.

Sam Edwards

Merriam-Webster changes their definition of 'racism' after 22-year-old asks them to

Merriam-Webster has agreed to change the definition of "racism" after a 22-year-old black woman from Missouri sent an email to the publishing company's editors last week.

Collin Jones

The diversity, inclusion, equity movement (DIE) is now taking over the STEM field

It used to be that students who went into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—STEM—thought they were safe if they kept their heads down. But they aren’t safe anymore.

Barbara Kay

Terry Mosher's face mask/niqab cartoon misses the mark

Mosher, it should be noted is no fan of Islamic face cover. In 2010, he stirred up controversy with a cartoon that portrayed the niqab as prison bars.

Barbara Kay

The coronavirus crisis reveals the hypocrisy of the ‘diversity’ squad

If the global statistics were reversed—more women dying than men—the CDC would likely be all over it.

Barbara Kay