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Erin O'Toole calls out Netflix over disturbing 'Cuties' movie

The Opposition Leader has released a statement regarding the controversial Netflix movie, "Cuties"

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Trudeau's disgraced former finance minister violated Elections Act, must pay $300 fine

Morneau—whose personal wealth is counted in millions—will have to pay a measly $300 fine, and will have to post a copy of the findings on his social media.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

'You can run but you can’t hide': Poilievre says investigation into WE will continue despite closure

"WE closure changes nothing," said the Carleton MP. "Finance Committee will resume investigations once Parliament opens. You can run but you can't hide."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

MP calls for investigation into Trudeau govt's $237 MILLION contract to former Liberal MP

"My good friend Frank Baylis, who I sat with for a number of years on committee, gets a contact," said Angus. "How did that contract happen?"

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Head of police union calls on Mayor de Blasio to resign by 'sundown'

A police union boss is calling for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s resignation and is demanding that he quit by sundown.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Alberta premier says he's 'delighted' by O'Toole victory at Alberta cabinet shuffle

"One of the reasons I endorsed Erin is because he's been a consistent, long-time leader on real priority issues around Albertans on oil and gas, pipelines, fairness in the federation, jobs in the economy," said Kenney.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Tim Scott blasts Biden, says Trump has 'the heart of what it makes to be a good president'

US Senator Tim Scott slammed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's record, and said Trump has "the heart of what it makes to be a good president."

Sam Edwards

Rose McGowan calls Joe Biden and Democrats 'monsters' and 'frauds' after the DNC

Rose McGowan posted to Twitter on Thursday night criticizing the Democrats for not creating enough change and forcing voters to turn to President Trump.

Sam Edwards

WE Charity feared potential 'scandal' due to Trudeau family ties—officials dismissed concerns

Files reveal that managers from the Department of Employment pushed aside a potential scandal, calling it "politics" and that there "will be noise but that's politics."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Leaked audio reveals that Goodyear lied about anti-police, anti-Trump, pro-BLM policy

Audio was leaked on Thursday from one of Goodyear’s diversity training sessions, which appears to show the company lied about its discriminatory programming.

Sam Edwards

DNC duplicates images when attempting to show multiple voters excited for Kamala Harris

When the DNC attempted to show 30 different voters excited for Kamala Harris’ VP candidacy on a split-screen image, they displayed duplicate images.

Sam Edwards

Government emails reveal personal ties between Morneau and WE Charity founder

Newly-disclosed records contradict testimony by ex-Finance Minister Bill Morneau that he had scant personal contact with a federal contractor, WE Charity.

Joe Vaughan

Trump says he would remove Goodyear tires from Presidential limousine after boycotting company

After he called for a boycott on Goodyear tires, President Donald Trump said he would “swap out” the company's tires from the presidential limousine.

Sam Edwards

CNN panel defends Bill Clinton's appearance at DNC, saying they 'believe in redemption'

Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the DNC on Tuesday and condemned President Donald Trump’s actions in the Oval Office, without acknowledging his own.

Sam Edwards

'Corruption, chaos, and cover-ups': Scheer calls out Trudeau's 'disgusting' attempt to mask his corruption

"At a time when Canadians are looking for stability and leadership, Justin Trudeau has given them corruption, chaos, and cover-ups," wrote Scheer.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz